Food Prep Tips ANY WOMAN Can Use

I lost 100 pounds and use these tools WEEKLY

Let’s kick things off with a video! I cover my prep stations in the kitchen, the definition of “food prep” and my basic tips to getting started. This week I kept things simple and once I was done with the video this is the finished product of MY food. There were some random things I […]


Don’t Let the Negative Voices Rule Your World!

How I Went from Thinking I'm Too Fat to Losing 100 Pounds One Change At A Time

Clients tell me they are afraid of what others think. Is it the fear of what others think or is it simply blaming something you can’t hear? I mean you really have no idea what they are thinking but you are CONVINCED you do. Why? Because you are so practiced at beating yourself up that you assume […]


Can I Eat Processed Food and Lose Weight?

How I mix convenience foods and healthy foods!

I love how I feel when I am fueling my body with GOOD foods. You know the stuff that leaves you feeling energized instead of sluggish? For me I can really tell the weeks I am flying by the seat of my pants, having more wine than I need, and letting a few “a little […]

Do You Have Food Pushers In Your Life?

How I Handle Them and Why

We often think of food pushers as evil doers. “Don’t they see I’m trying to eat better? Listen to me! Do I look like someone who wants a piece of cake versus this apple I am eating?” “When will they get. Ugh. This is my new lifestyle. They should respect me more.” Most food pushers are simply this: […]