Decisions Based in Fear

  I made a personal decision today that I didn’t enjoy making. Sometimes we have to do that. Being a grown up can be hard at times! Two of my dearest members of #PNPTribe are doing the Atlanta Tough Mudder this weekend. We all signed up long ago. Unfortunately, my hamstrings are bitching like an old […]


PNP Success Story Michelle

"I Always Felt Fat"

Michelle’s story struck me when it said “I always felt fat.” Lord, I said that a million times in my life. Both of us felt fat all our lives as we struggled with weight from young ages. That gets beat into your head until you just believe it. I asked her to share her story […]


What Is Emotional Eating?

I read a great blog by Linda Spangle. Her latest blog on Emotional Eating was really good. She talks about all the times we eat because we WANT to. Not because our stomach is rumbling. Not because we are low on energy and know it’s time to refill the tank. No. I’m talking but all the […]

If hunger isn't the problemfood isn't the solution.

I Don’t Look Like a Trainer

Monday Memories: Rebooted Blogs for My Fans

I Don’t Look Like a Trainer was a beloved blog of mine from last year. After reading it not much has changed in my life. I’m still a 7 time Tough Mudder finisher preparing to do her 8th. I still enjoy working out, still running the same speeds, drinking wine, and going to Vegas. I did […]