How Do I Get My Husband to Eat Healthy?

And my Vegas RNR Photos

“How do I get my husband to eat healthy?” “My kids don’t want to eat better. How do you change them?” Ever asked yourself this? Man, I have. Y’all would be shocked at how opposite Chris and I are in terms of “health.” He thinks about the gym and gives himself a check mark in the […]

A few of the PNPTribe!!!! We came from all over to celebrate health and friendship.

Giving Up Versus Letting Go

I read a blog this morning discussing the difference between “giving up” and “letting go.” It made me think of my clients and their struggles with difference in thinking; the mindset shift that occurs. It also made me think about my own journey. People forget how I lost 100lbs. The blog says… Letting go means freeing yourself from something […]


What Is Busy Food and Why Does It Stop Me Losing Weight?

I’m crazy busy. I’ve said it in the past and to this day people could describe my life that way. In my mind, my life is no longer crazy busy. Why? It sucks to say that! Who wants to go to grave thinking, “Man I was one crazy busy bitch!” Not me. I can deal […]

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