Success Story: Jodi

Who Says You Can't Be a Powerlifter After 40?

This is the story of Jodi. Enjoy!!! I joined PNP in 2012. This first photo was taken the day before my 42nd birthday. I’m not sure of my weight, but my highest was 180 lbs. The before photo was actually after I had lost some weight. I started lifting with my husband a few years before […]

Fitness Bucket Lists!

Isn’t this a neat idea? I saw it on Facebook. It got me thinking – what’s on my fitness bucket list? I have accomplished many things since losing 100lbs. I’ve done triathlons, figure competitions, marathons, and Tough Mudders. One of the things that has kept me grounded and centered to eat healthy is the fact […]


Four Things Every Emotional Eater Should Know

Monday Memories...Rebooted Blogs For My Fans

Monday Memories is where I feature (repost) a past blog. I dust off an oldie but a goodie, give you new tools and links, and share new wisdom. Enjoy! For years I didn’t think I was an emotional eater. I WAS WRONG. I ate when I was happy. I ate when when I wanted to feel acceptance […]


PNP Success Story Kathy H

Grandmother, Bad Knees, No Excuses

Let’s talk about Kathy H. I met her a few years ago and didn’t even remember her. She attended a workshop I hosted for 75 women, took notes, and is now a mentor for PNP! The first beginner bootcamp she attended we had to learn how to squat into a chair without falling. That’s how […]