146. How to Stay Committed to Your Weightloss

Did you start a new diet on January 1?

The truth is most people’s resolutions will go to sh*t by February.

Want to know how NOT to be one of those people?

You have to learn how to commit. You have to learn the skill of doing what you say you will do in the FACE of not wanting to do it.

Nobody is freaking teaching us how to do it. That’s why I beat the basics of commitment like a drum to you all the time.

Without commitment to doing what you say you will do… NO DIET will work.

The key to commitment is, start small.
No big ass overhauls of your life on day one.

You start with a small change.

Tomorrow you do that small change again. If you’re ready the next day, you make another small change.

In a few weeks you got a lot of change and TONS OF MOMENTUM carrying you along.

That’s how I lost weight. I didn’t need magic, pills, unicorns, or even a guru. I needed to find something I would do to lose weight TODAY and then keep doing it.

When I felt good about my change…I did the next thing I was ready for.

Y’all it’s so stinking simple yet we freak out about it. And the moment you think it’s not good enough…well, there’s your problem.

It’s not that the small step won’t add up and make big ass changes in your life…it’s that you will convince yourself the small step is not good enough AND NOT TAKE THE STEP.

This week’s podcast is all about COMMITMENT.

What it looks like, how it’s created, and how to make sure you’re taking the right steps to get there.

I’ve got a simple three-step process I call THE THREE C’s:

Step 1: Make a CHOICE.
Step 2: Give yourself the CHANCE to succeed. Or fail and get back up.
Step 3: Find an opportunity to CHANGE things.

We’re talking more about how to do this in this week’s podcast.

If you feel like you’re having a hard time staying committed to the changes you want to make in 2020, don’t miss this one.

This process has been working for me over the last 15 years. I KNOW it can work for you too.

Listen up at www.phit.click/podcast, let’s do this.


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When you start trying to lose weight, the first few days are fun and games, but after that the shit gets real. You have to stop relying on weightloss to be fun, motivating, and exciting.

In our day-to-day jobs, not every day is super exciting. It’s going to be the same way with your food.

When you’re trying to lose weight, you may have to give up being spontaneous for a while. You’ve spent a lifetime being spontaneous with your food. Now is the time to make a plan and stick with it. You have to stop and think about what you want long-term.

How do you include fun in your life while trying to lose weight? You have to stop thinking that going out automatically includes all the drinks and all the food. You can go out and not drink and not overeat and experience what it’s like to not overindulge. Spontaneously try to do things in a new way.

We all have ideas of what weightloss should be. Some people think that it should be hard and depriving. When you think that way, it’s easy to spiral into “oh my goodness, this is so hard, I’m never going to be able to have wine, this is horrible.” What if the next time you weigh-in is easier because you said no to wine tonight? What if your clothes feel better because you said no to all the food and all the drinks when out with friends?

Saying no to things doesn’t have to be horrible. It’s just a no. You’re going to want to not say no, but that’s how you make changes.

People believe they can’t have a life and lose weight at the same time. You don’t have a life if you’re spending the majority of it eating your way through it because that’s the only time you find joy. That is not you having a life, that is you running from a life that you aren’t creating right now. Take some of the food away and you’ll realize the food isn’t giving you joy, it’s covering up the crappy parts of your life that you’re scared to change.

You’re not going to be able to go from not working out once in 2019 to working out every single day in 2020. The same goes with food. You have to be realistic.

Commitment is one of those things that most people get wrong. You have to start small. Just focus on the first 60 days. That will give you enough time to start developing new habits and getting consistent.

Commit to the things that you’ll be doing that will make it easy for you to get to your weight goal.

At one point, Corinne made Kathy go to hot yoga for the first time and Kathy was done for the rest of the day. These days, Kathy goes on a regular basis and her husband is now an instructor. Corinne saw potential in Kathy before Kathy saw it in herself.

Corinne feels like if she can teach someone to commit, then they will eventually believe in themselves.

The 3 C’s of Commitment are:

1. You have to make a Choice

2. You have to do some things and give yourself the Chance to succeed

3. Then you have the opportunity to Change

Don’t plan to do epic things right out the gate that you’re not ready for. Start with little changes that will help you to build momentum and stay dedicated.

Eventually you’ll realize that showing up for yourself is more rewarding than all those nights out for margaritas with friends. In the beginning, the reward of a margarita will seem more fulfilling, but it’s because you haven’t felt the reward of showing up for yourself yet.

Choice: You have to make a wise choice. What am I going to eat tomorrow? What can I pick to eat that I will follow through and actually eat? If you think you might not eat it, don’t pick it to eat. You have to choose things that are realistic. Sometimes we have to blow our mind with little wins before we can go after huge goals. If you’re someone who can set big goals, then go for it, but most people need to start with tiny goals. When you make your daily food plan, give yourself realistic choices.

Chance: Each day you choose that you’re going to lose some weight and make a daily plan, you have the chance to reconfirm that choice over and over. When you overeat, you have the chance to keep going and follow the plan the rest of the day or to eat your face off the rest of the day. You have the chance to do better, the chance to make a better life.

Change: All day long you have chances to reconfirm the choices that you made earlier in the day (on your daily food plan). Change is what happens when you follow through and put it into action. When you say no to the margarita and have club soda. You begin to change when you look at the big picture instead of sitting there grumbling about how horrible it is to go out and not drink. If you’re going out with your girlfriends and it sucks without a buzz, then maybe you’re with the wrong people. That’s a hard conversation to have with yourself.

Making a choice when you feel good and fresh in the morning is easy, but as the day goes on and the stressors come in, that’s when you have to take those choices you made in the morning and take a chance on following through. If you’re not a big risk-taker, then you may need those small choices to begin with to make it easier for you to stick with.

Most of us are completely sure that our plan is a good one first thing in the morning, but if every night you’re binging on the couch after a bad day, then you may not be creating a realistic plan. When you make your plan in the morning, make sure that it’s easy and realistic enough that the stressed out lady at the end of the day can still follow it. If you think that plan that you can follow at 8 pm at night isn’t good enough, then you need to learn to be comfortable making a plan that may not be as strict as you think it should be.

As you keep doing plans and following through and not always getting the results that you want, then you’ll start being willing to do a little bit more. You’ll start to want results more than you want to numb out with food.

Remember that your life is full of choices, not have-to’s. Don’t describe your life as hard, tired, and miserable. You make your choices. Be honest with yourself. You get to pick the story that you tell yourself about your life. Is your life miserable or are you a badass that gets stuff done?

Be committed to doable things in the beginning. Start with small stuff. Build momentum. Be compassionate with yourself. You will get there with small stuff. That’s what leads to commitment and discipline. 








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