Sunday Lessons

Sunday! It’s a day I like to look back and reflect on the week, ask myself what can I do better going into Monday and did I learn anything?


We have to keep learning. Learning is part of life, but one part I ignored for years was that I had to FAIL in order to learn. Sure you can open a book and learn some stuff but my issues with my weight weren’t from a lack of STUDYING. It was a lack of LEARNING.

I wish in my 20’s that each time I failed a diet or exercise program I had taken the time to stop, breathe, and ASK what I call “the right questions.” Instead of calling myself a lazy, fat person on Sunday gearing up for the next diet on Monday, I should have said, “What can you do different this week to eat right and get to the gym?”

I never needed a new diet. I didn’t need to berate myself hoping it would motivate me. And, I certainly didn’t need to hire someone to do both of those things.

What I needed is what I do today: a good Sunday answering the right questions. Today I am….

  • Up at 6am food prepping the easy stuff.
  • Doing a long run today since the weather is good.
  • Taking a yoga class with a dear friend.
  • Planning my workouts for the week.

Now, the old me on Sunday…

  • Sleep in because, hey, it’s the weekend! I deserve the extra hours and probably tired from eating and drinking too much on Saturday.
  • NEVER did I plan exercise dates on a Sunday. That’s lay around on the couch day eating up because Monday is the day it all changes! Here comes the new diet!
  • Food prep? Bull crap. That’s for those crazy people who are obsessed. Heck, I don’t even know where to start so I’m going to eat all this crap and I will just have to make my lazy, fat ass cook this week. And, if someone invites me to go eat good food instead of this crap on the diet I will just have to say no. I can make myself.

That’s how I lived for so many years. No wonder I was always sad, overweight, depressed, and tired. Hell, just typing this was sad and made me want to hug the old me!

Food prep is now a part of my life. I spent many Sunday’s figuring out how I would do the next one better because I burnt a lot of stuff, made things that tasted terrible, and figured out I needed to invest in some tools because it was HARD when you don’t have the right stuff.

Over the years I’ve added things like decent knives, multiple cutting boards, better pans, four crockpots, and more. I didn’t buy it all overnight but when I asked the right question – how can I make this prep easier next week – I found my answers. I quit asking – why is cooking so damn hard?

This week in my current life I learned I need two days off from training for the next few weeks. My body is telling me it wants more recovery from my plan so instead of just running because the paper says or doing things because I don’t want to get fat I’m asking myself, “how can I feel best exercising this week?” That means MORE recovery work.

I also loved my food last week so I’m making the same food prep this week. The whole family loved what we ate so it’s a win for us. I have no problems with repeating success.

I’m making hot chicken, bought a big thing of smoked salmon to portion (I didn’t have this last week but adding it in and I don’t have to cook it), hard boiled eggs for my big salads, celery with guacamole (store bought), quinoa salad, baby carrots, beef and broccoli rice, roasting vegetables, making sweet potatoes, pomegranates, grapes, watermelon, bananas, apples, and making a batch of pesto pasta with peas for Logan. He will also have breakfast for dinner and I have chicken apple sausages with lima beans and creamy cauliflower for him.

The key to losing weight and keeping it off for me starts with WHAT I’M SAYING TO MYSELF on a regular basis. When I’m saying things that help me think about what I can do to be my best then all the HABITS like planning food and exercise happen. They don’t seem daunting or overwhelming. It’s funny how if you give yourself a chance to figure out what works for you then you will learn to enjoy doing it.

Lose it how you plan to live it. And watch me on Instagram (phitnphat) because I post food shots through the week, silly photos of my face, and inspirational quotes.


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