10 Tips To Lose Weight During the Holidays

Want to know my 10 Tips To Losing Weight During the Holidays? This webinar teaches you how to avoid that 5 pound gain many of us experience every year.


And, I take my own advice from the video. My family isn’t much on parties but this year we have a lot going on! Here’s how I am putting my lessons from the video into ACTION!

  1. I am journaling every bite. I keep an old school handwritten one yo’! I don’t need to count calories because the art of write what you bite is enough to see what is great and what needs to change.
  2. I make a weekly plan and send to an accountability partner. She sees my exercise plan, my menu, and my weight and she’s just a friend; not a paid coach. Just someone who will call me on my bull crap.

  3. I cleaned my house out and there’s nothing kept here that shouldn’t find it’s way into my mouth. I like this rule I put in FOR ME because we do eat out and have parties. I’m not deprived one ounce! I am not tempted when I’m tired and munchy either. I’ve chosen ahead of time when I will enjoy some treats. That’s smart.
  4. Participating with my private members in some our holiday reindeer games. 🙂 We have a daily push up challenge, walk a mile a day team, and my husband designed an online healthy habits tracker we are using to reach some PNPTribe goals. I love group accountability and PNP is the best…if I do say so myself.


  • Amanda Drew says:

    I like how you say that instead of counting calories, you journal what you eat/bite instead. I think that would help me because numbers are kind of just there and don’t mean all that much to me. See I’d really like to lose some weight because I’m pretty overweight. It’s no good. I think that I’ll start journaling, and I think that I’ll also find a weight loss clinic to go to so that I can get some more help.

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