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You need unique weightloss strategies combined with expert guidance to take your weightloss coaching skills to the next level of client impact. You need…


I’ve coached thousands of people to lose weight, lost my own 100 pounds, and studied under the industry’s best life coaches. I’ve created life-changing weightloss tools that go beyond telling clients what to do. My tools move them forward instead of leaving them frustrated and caught in self-sabotaging loops.

My unique programs have dramatically improved people’s lives by improving their relationships with food and body image.

The lessons I teach help people build the confidence to create the life they want instead of putting it off until the weight is lost.

Now, you have the opportunity to learn to do the same.

Let me help you…

  • Teach clients how to get unstuck from old eating patterns, break through past diet trauma, and figure out the exact habits and lifestyle they need to reinvent themselves.

  • Coach people in a way that dramatically shifts their belief in themselves.

  • Implement proven, simple tools to help clients become confident around food and improve their relationship with themselves.

  • Double your confidence as a weight coach.

  • Learn techniques to craft your own unique weightloss tools and curriculum.

Your program includes

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Live Classes with Corinne
& Practice Coaching Sessions

Each week, Corinne will lead a live, interactive call where you'll deep dive into weightloss concepts that the diet industry glosses over like the Four Basics of weightloss coaching, becoming a trauma-informed coach, and coaching bingers vs. overeaters.

Live Q&A's at the end of every session will give you the confidence you need to apply what you've learned to help your clients get unstuck in their next session. 

These calls are every Tuesday from 2:30pm - 4:00pm CT, and your attendance should be a priority. Showing up live is where you grow, but if you can't make it, you'll get access to the replays for life. 

In addition, you’ll have opportunity to practice coaching and giving & getting feedback on what you’re learning each week in a small group setting with one of our No BS Advanced Certification Instructors. You will be assigned to a group that will meet at the same time each week. There are several times to choose from that will work with your schedule. 

No BS Weightloss Program
+ Resources ($1908 Value)

You’ll be a member of the No BS Weightloss Program where you’ll have full membership access to... 

  • Orientation and details about how Corinne onboards new clients.
  • The No BS Planner (we'll send you a physical copy) to sharpen your daily planning habit and transfer the skills to your clients.
  • The on-demand video library with hundreds of hours of Corinne's coaching on common weightloss roadblocks.
  • 30+ self-study courses, workshops, weightloss challenges, and book studies Topics include Self Love, Mindful Drinking, Trusting Your Body, and Handling the Holidays, which you can use to provide depth in your coaching curriculum.
  • Helpful worksheets and journal prompts that will kickstart your clients into taking action.
  • Access to my recent live event recording, Relationships Weekend, so you can build a solid relationship with YOURSELF. A relationship so strong that you stop taking crap from the shitty committee in your head… and the people in your life. 

Support for Your Coaching Transformation

Throughout the program, you'll have access to Corinne and her team of Certified Instructors to support you through your journey to become a highly sought-after weightloss coach.

The program includes a private Facebook group, where you'll work together to give and receive feedback, discuss Corinne's coaching calls, and ask questions on what you are learning and experiencing.

Plus, you'll discover, through discussion, how to help clients in written coaching format, what key points others are finding, and how to stay on track throughout your advanced certificate program.

We've designed this program to also help you check in with your thoughts about what it means to be a weightloss coach and get feedback and help you as you step into a confident version of you.

The program ends with a final exam that tests everything you've learned and makes sure you have every tool you need to change lives as you help women change their weight.

You'll Study:

  • The No BS Weightloss Course

    You’ll be trained on how to break diet mentality that cripples your clients. Plus, you’ll learn how to help clients lose weight without telling them what they can and cannot eat. Many women have suffered so much diet trauma that any plan that restricts what they can eat trigger destructive eating patterns, binge eating, and on and off dieting. Inside the No BS Advanced Certification, you’ll learn the simple and non-triggering method we use to help thousands of women to lose weight.

  • Ending Self-Sabotage

    Learn the most common forms of food and weightloss sabotage and how to coach your clients through them. When you master these signs, you’ll feel one step ahead of your clients (and help them avoid pitfalls they can’t see for themselves).

  • Conquering the Scale

    Clients might be good at weightloss, but they suck at weighing in. You must know how to free them of the scale drama so that they can stay focused on what truly matters for weightloss. In this course, you’ll learn how to teach them to fall in love with the process of weightloss instead of overly relying on the result to make them happy.

  • Stalls and Plateaus

    Women are not taught that stalls are a part of normal weightloss. It’s important you understand how weightloss happens both physically as well as mentally. You’ll learn how to distinguish between a true stall and when a client needs guidance and up-leveling on their habits. Knowing the differences as a coach helps you navigate their weightloss journey where a client typically gives up or eats out of frustration.

  • The Regain Solution

    Clients often come to us after they’ve regained weight. Overcoming the shame and judgement is key to starting them off on the right foot. You don’t want them beginning their journey with you stuck in the last diet. You’ll learn how to coach them on dropping the shame and focusing on where they want to go.

  • Big Ass Action

    Ever had a client start off gung-ho only to fizzle out after a few weeks? Big Ass Action helps you identify why your clients go from excited to using willpower and what to do about it. You’ll learn how to help clients overcome perfectionism, utilizing willpower, and natural doubts they can’t do without expert help.

  • Mastering Maintenance

    A coach's dream is to help their clients lose their weight. But how do we help them keep it off? Inside Mastering Maintenance, you’ll learn the mindset shifts required to transition from dieter to maintainer. You’ll also learn how to spot Maintenance Imposter Syndrome, how to experiment with food and habits, and the traits of successful maintainers.

Our Next Session is: July 17 - October 4
Cost of 12-Week Program: $12,000
Payment Plan Available

My Gifts To You


No BS Business Women Membership
($1188 Value)

While you’re becoming one of the diet industry's thought leaders, you’ll get access to my brand new No BS Business Women’s Membership. You’ll learn how to manage your time like a CEO and work on your business mindset. Cost of membership is $297 per month, but it’s included in your Advanced Certification.

This program includes: 

  • Simple Systems Q&A
    • LIVE 90-minute workshop or Q & A each month where you'll learn how to implement easy-to-use systems in your business or have a chance to ask industry experts all of your burning questions on topics like community building, branding, marketing and more.
  • Monthly Mindset Makeover
    • LIVE 90-minute mindset coaching with me. It's important you learn from someone who's built an online business from nothing but a crazy idea to over 8 figures. Not only will you leave motivated to take action, but you'll eliminate being a course whore who doesn't do shit with what she's learning.
  • Private Facebook Group with Corinne & the No BS Team
    • You'll be surrounded with support. From women just like you building their business to my team of Marketing, Branding, Community and Support experts, you'll have a place to ask questions and get support.
  • The No BS Business Planner
    • This digital planner will help you set your yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals so you are always working on the right things at the right times. I'll not only teach you how to use it, but each month, you'll get a special monthly business planning and assessment call to ensure you're always on track for your goals.

Getting Your Funnel Off the Ground
Workshop + Templates ($697 Value)

Sometimes the business side of coaching is what keeps us stuck. Inside this bonus, you’ll get…

How to Design a Freebie/Opt-In Sequence, where you’ll learn the best strategy for creating something free AND valuable for future clients. Included is my exact email funnel sequence from the moment someone drops into my funnel until they either join the membership or go into a future sales sequence. You can use this template for your own coaching practice that has generated thousands of clients.

A Facebook Live, Podcast, and Webinar Template that breaks down exactly how to plan and structure what to say that generates value and sales.

Live 90-Minute Group Workshop with the No BS Team and me. I’ll bring my marketing and content experts along with myself to brainstorm and answer questions about your opt-ins and sales email sequences.


Who is the program for?

  • Coaches ready to change lives.

  • Coaches committed to unique and impactful methods of coaching weightloss unlike traditional diet methods.

  • Coaches who want an in-depth curriculum that takes their coaching to an advanced level.

  • Coaches with an active certification from The Life Coach School.



This program will be a game-changer for coaches looking to succeed at helping people lose their weight for the last time.

You’ll be able to coach and teach with simplicity so your clients can easily change their lives. You’ll find clarity and confidence in your own weightloss coaching voice. You’ll help people reinvent their health and relationship with themselves.

You just need help from one of the industry’s best weightloss coaches to take your coaching to a new level. And, you need consistent feedback and expert teaching to help you refine and define your coaching. That’s what the No BS Advanced Weightloss Certification does for you.

And, as a graduate, you'll always have access to your information hub, which contains the latest courses and training materials used in this program.

Next Session Begins July 17, 2022

Spots are limited and this program will sell out.

Becoming an expert takes study, feedback, and work.

Are you committed?

A deposit of $1,500 is required to apply. This is refunded if you are not accepted.

If accepted, you can pay the remaining $10,500 as one payment or split it over 3 monthly payments.

Your first payment and your program agreement will be due within 24 hours of acceptance.

Total cost is $12,000.

***You must be certified by The Life Coach School to be eligible.