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Advanced Certification

Where Coaches and Healthcare Professionals become the expert their clients can't lose weight without.

Next Session Begins: June 12

When Coaches and Healthcare professionals want to help their clients get to the next level, they come to No BS Weightloss Certification.

Because you've probably been telling your clients what to do to lose weight, but they just won't follow through.

And the best news is.... We are accepting applications from all coaching certifications AND Healthcare Professionals for this session.


I’ve coached thousands of people to lose weight, lost my own 100 pounds and studied under the industry’s best life coaches. I’ve also created life-changing weightloss tools that go beyond telling clients what to do and that gets straight to the how.

The lessons I teach help people build the confidence to create the life they want instead of putting it off until the weight is lost.

Now you have the opportunity to do the same.

Let me help you….

  • Teach your clients and patients how to get unstuck from old eating patterns, break through past diet trauma, and figure out the exact habits and lifestyles they need to reinvent themselves.
  • Coach clients and patients in a way that dramatically shifts their belief in themselves.
  • Implement proven, simple tools to help clients and patients become confident around food and improve their relationship with themselves.
  • Double your confidence as a weight coach or Healthcare Provider who is guiding their clients and patients through weightloss.
  • Learn techniques to craft your own unique weightloss tools and curriculum.
  • Learn how to have what are often difficult conversations with patients so they walk away feeling empowered.

Your program includes

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Live Classes with Corinne & Practice Coaching Sessions

Each week, you will have a live interactive call with Corinne or one of her specialty coaches where you’ll deep dive into weightloss concepts that the diet industry glosses over, such as the Four Basics of weightloss coaching, becoming a trauma informed coach and coaching bingers vs. overeaters.

Live Q&A’s at the end of every session will give you the confidence you need to apply what you’ve learned to help your clients get unstuck the next time you meet with them.

Attendance should be a priority. Attending live is where you grow, but if you can’t make it, you’ll get access to the replays for life.

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to practice coaching. You’ll be getting and giving feedback on what you’re learning each week in a small group setting with one of our No BS Advanced Certification Instructors. You will be assigned to a group that meets at the same time each week.

There are several times to choose from that will work with your schedule.

No BS Weightloss Program + Resources ($1908 Value)

You’ll be a member of the No BS Weightloss Program where you’ll have full membership access to...

  • Orientation and details about how Corinne onboards new clients.
  • The No BS Planner to sharpen your daily planning habit and transfer the skills to your clients.
  • The on-demand video library with hundreds of hours of Corinne's coaching on common weightloss roadblocks.
  • 15+ self-study courses, workshops, weightloss challenges, and book studies Topics include Self Love, Mindful Drinking, Trusting Your Body, and Handling the Holidays, which you can use to provide depth in your coaching curriculum.
  • Helpful worksheets and journal prompts that will kickstart your clients into taking action.

Support for Your Coaching Transformation

Throughout the program, you’ll have access to Corinne and her team of Certified Instructors to support you throughout your learning journey.

The program includes a private Slack workspace where you’ll work together to give and receive feedback, discuss Corinne’s coaching calls, and ask questions about what you’re learning and experiencing.

You’ll take your written coaching to the next level with feedback from your Coaching Instructors throughout the program.

Once you complete the program, you will be invited to a private Certified Alumni Facebook group so that you can connect with other graduates, share ideas and resources and continue your learning with your peers.

You'll Study:

The No BS Weightloss Course

You’ll be trained on how to break diet mentality that cripples your clients. Plus, you’ll learn how to help clients lose weight without telling them what they can and cannot eat. Many women have suffered so much diet trauma that any plan that restricts what they can eat triggers destructive eating patterns, binge eating, and on and off dieting. Inside the No BS Advanced Certification, you’ll learn the simple and non-triggering method we use to help thousands of women to lose weight. You’ll leave this program with the knowledge and confidence to help your clients and patients lose weight and create a life they love.

Curated playlist of Corinne’s best tools and teachings in areas like:

Self Sabotage
  • Binging
  • Scale Drama
  • Stalls and Plateaus
  • Relationships
  • Taking Big Ass Action
  • Mastering Maintenance

We have over 15 Bonus Courses that you will have access to as well so you can take a deep dive in areas that most effect your clients or patients.

Our Next Session begins the week of June 12.
Graduation is the week of September 4, 2023.
Cost is $15,000.
Payment Plans Available.

My Gifts To You


No BS Business Women Membership ($1188 Value)

While you’re becoming one of the diet industry's thought leaders, you’ll get access to my brand new No BS Business Women’s Membership. You’ll learn how to manage your time like a CEO and work on your business mindset. Cost of membership is $297 per month, but it’s included in your Advanced Certification.

This program includes:

  • Simple Systems Q&A
    • LIVE 90-minute workshop or Q & A each month where you'll learn how to implement easy-to-use systems in your business or have a chance to ask industry experts all of your burning questions on topics like community building, branding, marketing and more.
  • Monthly Mindset Makeover
    • LIVE 90-minute mindset coaching with me. It's important you learn from someone who's built an online business from nothing but a crazy idea to over 8 figures. Not only will you leave motivated to take action, but you'll eliminate being a course whore who doesn't do shit with what she's learning.
  • Private Facebook Group with Corinne & the No BS Team
    • You'll be surrounded with support. From women just like you building their business to my team of Marketing, Branding, Community and Support experts, you'll have a place to ask questions and get support.
  • The No BS Business Planner
    • This digital planner will help you set your yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals so you are always working on the right things at the right times. I'll not only teach you how to use it, but each month, you'll get a special monthly business planning and assessment call to ensure you're always on track for your goals.

A Ticket to the No BS Get It Done Business Bootcamp ($3,899 value)

As an Weightloss Certification student, you’ll get one ticket to attend our in-person Business Event in Nashville on June 5-6, 2023, where we will be spending 2 full days working ON your business.

In just 2 days, you will…

  • Create a clear and concise “here’s what I do” pitch that has people saying, “tell me more”.
  • Complete the Networking Gauntlet, where you’ll have podcasts, article writing, and guest trainings BOOKED on your calendar.
  • Use the “Content Creation Formula” to create a 1-minute promotional video and turn it into a full course to sell.
  • Discover affiliate and partnership KILLERS so you can avoid making costly mistakes that end relationships.
  • Get the legal bottom line for the different stages of your growing business. Find out what shit you need and DON’T need so you avoid those “hair on fire” legal emergencies.
  • Create 30 days of social in less time and with less overwhelm.
  • Do live-time audits of funnels so you can make in the moment changes to your own sales pages, emails and opt-ins.

Don’t worry If you can’t attend in person. The full recording of this event will be available within 2 weeks.

Corinne 3

Virtual Ticket to our No BS Weightloss No Excuses Weekend: July 14-16 ($399 value)

Virtually attend the only No BS Weightloss event this year. It’s a weekend full of busting through the excuses that are keeping you from your weightloss goals.

At the end of the weekend, you will have…

  • A NEW way to look at your life so that excuses are no longer controlling you.
  • Transformative insights and A-HAs from immersing yourself in the No BS Camp Experience.
  • New friends and connections.