Ask More of Yourself

This last month I gave up sugar and flour for a month and lost 6lbs. Since turning 40 my weight has snuck up a bit doing the same things I always have.

I was at advanced weight loss training with The Life Coach School where I am half way through a year long Master Weight Loss Coaching Certification (as if losing 100 pounds and keeping it off 12 years isn’t enough, right?)

In the 2nd quarter 4-day class, I learned the effects sugar and flour have on us. To be honest I was like, “I’ll try it” but didn’t “expect” a whole lot.

Why? I eat healthy, I exercise, and all that jazz. In my mind I was doing ENOUGH.

Talk about a loaded belief. “I am doing enough. That should work.”

If you gain 5lbs a year obviously your body has a different thought of what enough really means.

I had doubts that I think are common, too. I don’t want to “work hard” or “feel like all the fun is gone.”

Did I want to do more or did I want to keep thinking I was doing enough and gain weight?

I decided to try it and have an open mind that it could be fine, be hard, be worth it, and show me a lot about myself before I taught to my clients who are interested.

The month was interesting.

I gave up all sugar and flour. Nothing complicated.  I had a few other things I had to cut due to a food intolerance test, but it was things like chicken, salmon, almonds, spinach, oregano, garlic, dairy and eggs.

I doubt my weight or your weight creeps up on too much of that stuff!

My coaches did the same thing. We experimented, journaled the month in detail, and released all the head drama and physical findings to my Tribe in our private forums.

We all developed a personal diet protocol.

A personal diet protocol is simply a system of rules that explain the correct conduct and procedures to be followed; a plan for a scientific experiment.

It was challenging. It required me to ask more of myself and for a long time now I was convinced I was “happy” with my wine, extra 10 pounds, and freedoms to eat what I wanted. So my protocol meant…

I couldn’t drink as much wine as I like. I had to plan when I would according to weight loss results; not entertainment. Often that meant sitting through urges to have a glass or two midweek.

There were times I had to sit with hunger; emotional hunger. No more afternoon snack because it’s time to take my break! I still took breaks but I didn’t eat.

Probably the most amazing shift for me was learning to be OK with not eating at night. Cutting sugar and flour leaves me feeling satisfied physically a lot faster and longer than on it. Adding fat helped me feel fuller, longer. I just wasn’t hungry at night and had to learn how to ignore my mental desire to have my shakes!

But, I will be honest, there are so many times I WANT STILL or wanted to eat because of being tired, bored, wanting relief, craving entertainment, or habit.

Once I set my protocol this month it allowed me to sit, examine, and decide on food. It’s hard at first! It seems like work until it’s like WOW this is actually easy. The hard part is the mental bitch-fest about doing it. Not the actual doing.

And I can throw down one fat hissy in my head when I want to!

In the end I’ve decided this is for me. I like how I feel and I have lost some weight.

As of this morning I am down 6lbs in 5 weeks and feeling better. My sleep has been crazy good and I’ve always been a poor sleeper until now. My sexy time snapped back, too.

The reason I called this blog Asking More of Yourself is that to lose weight it does require asking more. That’s what I had to do and what my clients who join PNPTribe must do.

In my No BS Course my clients do upon joining, I ask a lot more out of them.

To show up, work with my coaches daily, question their beliefs they can’t lose weight, quit-quitting on themselves when they make a mistake, and more. They don’t even give up sugar and flour but they do have to give up being their own worst enemy.

Some people really believe they can’t do that. Or that it’s just too hard because they are broken. Too many failed diets have left you feeling hopeless.

Believing this is incredibly sad, though. I truly believe we all have a little more in us.

This month I had to have more patience. Patience to sit and think through things so it could become easy. I was tired of all the thinking about those extra 10lbs. That sucked but I didn’t want to admit how much it did.

It reminded me of when I weighed 250lbs. I spent my days wanting more and having no idea how to get there.

I had to have more insight. I journaled more of WHAT I was thinking instead of “just thinking it was all OK” and not journaling. It wasn’t and when I got honest with myself I gave more to me.

I had to be a little more uncomfortable. Trust me; the times I chose not to have wine while Chris had beer, the evenings I would unwind with a shake and now unwind by just going to bed…all were uncomfortable at first.

I figured out that when I went to bed early or vegged out I felt guilty at first. But eating didn’t allow for the guilt of taking time for me. Instead of keeping the food bag on I decided to work on the guilt and figure out how to feel deserving of time to rest.

I fooled myself by thinking I was happy with things because I wasn’t miserable. I was OK; I was far from happy. I think about life and all the feelings we get to describe it…OK or fine are NOT the ones I pick. I want excited, thrilled, challenged, and more.

The question becomes where can you challenge yourself? What area of life are you thinking it’s OK? What would giving a little more ask of you?

If you want help becoming more, visit my membership site where I work with women to become the best version of themselves. I’d love to help you.


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