How To Ask The Right Questions


Have you heard of the concept Right Question – Right Answer (RQRA)?

Maybe not. I first heard it in a podcast I listen to call The Life Coach School and it’s where I went to get weight loss and life coach certified.

See, after losing 100 pounds I have made it a commitment to bettering myself in health and fitness. I’ve been a personal trainer, I certified in two formats of yoga but I KNEW that for people seeking to lose weight I needed the emotional component.

The emotional side is where most of us lose our way with food. We eat to fill ourselves instead of FUEL ourselves. I wanted to teach others how to see this behavior and FIX IT.

This brings me back to RQRA. It truly embodies getting your brain to work on what you want. What we focus on manifests.

You only have so much emotional energy each day. You are going to have opportunities to spend it on things that don’t matter, but instead, spend that emotional energy on your dreams, your goals.

Most of us put our brain to work on exactly what we don’t want in life and wonder why our results never change.

“Why am I so fat?”

Hello doughnuts at work, glass of wine at night, and friends saying “one bite won’t hurt.”

“Why can’t I get motivated to exercise?”

Hello staying up late to watch a show and picking programs that promise results instead of what you love.

RQRA is a practice. You ask yourself things positively that put your powerful brain to work on what you WANT instead of what you DON’T LIKE. You manifest what you think most about in life.

It’s a practice I insist my private clients and graduated clients do. Every morning they are tasked with sending me their Right Question, Right Answer. Before those feet hit the floor I want their brain actively looking for ways to prove how they can be their best.

Examples for you are…

How can I make healthy choices today?
How can I find fitness that works for my body?
Where can I give my body the best fuel today?
Where can I give more in my life?

These are questions that, when answered, will change your life. The other questions, well, they keep you exactly where you don’t want to be.


Hi, I'm Corinne

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