How to Avoid Gaining Weight On Vacation

Ever gone on vacation intending to stick to your diet only to BLOW it and think “I’ll start back when I get home?”

I’ve done it. One minute you are white knuckling every decision and the next you are just saying F-it.

It’s frustrating and leaves you feeling like you either have to be perfect or you just can’t do anything right.

I finally figured out how to go on vacation without it being a food drama circus.

This week’s PNPLive Show on Facebook I teach you my 5 Things You Need to Do To Avoid Gaining Weight on Vacation.

You can take these to the bank and use them with the holidays, too.

What you will learn…

  1. How to start vacation with a goal. Do you want to Gain Weight, Maintain Weight or Lose Weight? Knowing this is KEY to success.
  2. The essential planning tips that keep the weight down and the fun in your vacation.
  3. What you need to avoid travel “lockdown”. Nobody needs constipation and it sure doesn’t help with bloat.
  4. My game plan for what to do the DAY you get home so you aren’t in the drive-thru and ordering pizza for days.
  5. The ONE THING you MUST DO for 7 days after vacation! It’s not a juice cleanse!

Additional Resources:

Natural Calm – Magnesium supplement good for sleep and bowels while you travel. I mix it with Emergen C each night before bed. Emergen C helps keep colds and travel bugs away.


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