Back To School Routines

Is it just me or can you not wait until summer starts and then BEG for the kids to go back to school? Say it with me…I want my routine back!

Summer is hard for many of us with weightloss. I watch people bust it hard from January to June and then fall into old habits seemingly overnight. It is hard to keep a routine in the summer. I get that because my workout time, my meals, and my work  are totally disheveled. I travel a lot in the summer, too, spending more time out of town in hotels than in my home.

One reason summer is hard is the post-vacation let down. We all take them. Post-vacation let down is similar to what people experience after big races, weddings, and reunions. You have this big goal and spend a lot of time working towards it. When, suddenly, the “event” is over.

You are left wondering what’s next? What do I do with myself?

With vacation you can’t wait to get there, spend time relaxing, eating, and doing a lot of stuff you love. You come home and it’s not always easy to just “snap” back into the old healthy you ESPECIALLY if this is a NEW lifestyle for you.

This brings me back to routines. It really takes being in the routine to “get back” to where you were. If you ate too much and moved too little on vacation you HAVE TO COME and get right back in.

YES MA’AM you won’t feel like it. Don’t give me that BS line that you are tired, jet lagged, etc. That’s the excuses you use to DELAY getting back to routine.

What works for me is I always hit the store first thing. I don’t unpack a single suitcase until I’ve unloaded some groceries. One, I need my healthy eats. Two, so does my family! If I don’t have anything eat neither do they. It’s one of those things where I always say to my husband, “I’ve got to go to the store now or Logan will have nothing to eat.” I refuse to just feed him junky restaurant food because I’m tired lazy.

The next thing I do is workout the next day. Yep, it usually suck, but I get over the sluggo feelings and start working off that vacation bloat.

If I don’t do these things then I am whining for days that I just can’t seem to get back in the habit of good health. The longer you wait the harder it is to get on the wagon. You had a good habit before vacation so make sure you protect by getting right into it when you get home. Last thing you want is to form the habit of NOT being healthy!

I cannot wait for school to start. It means I can have my regular workout every day for as long as I want. In the summer, I am squeezing them in. It’s nice to take some extra time, not be rushed, and just follow a plan.

My food is so much easier, too. I tend to prep more food and meals. I prep looser in the summer, but in school we eat well planned menus because we need the week to flow well.

I had a wonderful summer but excited to be back to my routine, my son back to his, and just be home where my lifestyle is easy to live. There’s just something so comforting about a routine and for a reformed obese girl that can take a lot of worry and pressure off your mind.

A great way to kick-start back to school is starting with my 10-Days to Your Best Diet. It’s common sense techniques to get those good habits back FAST.


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