Back To School

The last few days I’ve spent discussing the summer being over and what a great one I had with my boys and friends. It truly was a summer to remember. Before I get into my thinking and reflection moments for my weight, exercise, and all that jazz I want to take a minute to highlight my favorite moments. I could fill this page up with pics but you check my Facebook and Instagram for those. 🙂

Beach time with Logan



Baseball game with the family


10K Fun with my friend Laura in Nashville

As I was looking at pictures to include I saw many date nights, a couple of Vegas trips with my love, Logan’s first time playing the sax, his first summer camp walking in with a smile, Ruby Tuesday family date nights and more. We’ve had a truly wonderful summer which brings me to my post topic.

Summer is ending and it’s time to get on regular schedules, serious food prep, and better nutrition. Not just ME but the whole family. We spend our year in phases with summer being relaxing. We eat out more, travel, eat meals when we feel like it and basically just go with the flow. Like most of you the school year doesn’t afford such luxury. We need the structure because it works for us and bring peace of mind versus stress to our lives. The opposite is true in the summer.

For me personally, I now spend my year in phases. I have a leaner phase which is when we are not traveling. I typically lift more, run less, eat less, and party less. Not because I get cray-cray but because it fits my lifestyle. I also know in the summer I want to live more so I’m OK with drinking and some weight gain. In the spring I enjoy races (if I didn’t burn myself out doing Dopey’s and Goofy’s LOL).

It’s taken me a long time to get here but what helped was NOT reading the fitness gurus and start listening to people who talked balance in mind. I don’t listen to people who think running is bad and I don’t listen to people who think you have to eat a certain way to be extreme lean. Those days are so over for me. I want to look good and fit in my clothes, lift heavy, run with ease, and do things with my body I never thought possible. For instance I’m working on headstands! As a kid weighing 200lbs I never even did a cartwheel. Funny, I’ve waited until 40 to start “playing.”
By dropping the idea that there is a perfect diet, perfect window to eat your carbs, macro counting, or whatever is popular in the moment, I found that I started seeing myself sexier, appreciating the things I can do with my body and it reignited a passion to chase new dreams. I was stuck for a long time trying to look a part rather than BE who I wanted to be.
And now we are going going back to our regular schedule!!! It feels good. It feels as good to be heading back to cleaning things up and a routine as it felt the last day of school knowing we were FREE and going to have a lot of fun over eight short weeks. Here’s some things I will be doing and NOT doing until we are in full holiday swing. Guess what? 12 weeks until that all starts up!
1. Journal food. I WILL journal food but I WON’T be obsessed with the numbers.
2. Exercise. I WILL exercise but I WON’T do crap that feels like mental work most of the time. Sure there are days I drag my ass to the gym but most of the time I do stuff that challenges me and excites me.
3. Eat clean. I WILL eat healthy but I WON’T ban foods unless they are causing me some kind of distress. I have treats when I want them but I don’t keep some stuff in the house. Things I can’t control my portions are things that cause me mental distress. If I want it bad enough I can go get it at a restaurant in a portion controlled fashion.
4. Limit my wine and dining out to twice a week but I WON’T give up date night and practice flexibility if we have a reason to celebrate.
These are just a few things I agree to with CORINNE. We all have things we are willing to do and not do. If you want the body you want you have to be willing to sacrifice but in a way you can live with. Losing weight and keeping it off is not about all the things you can’t do; it’s about the things you CAN ADD to your LIFE to make a LIFE.
In my world, I focus on the stuff I am adding to make me healthy. Sounds good and is easy to practice. I also think of things I am “restricting” as the CRAZY behaviors that feel miserable. Example, you won’t hear my say, “I can’t have dessert.” I might say, “I’m waiting until the weekend when I can have it with Logan.” And what I CAN’T have is a dessert that I am not in love with. You won’t catch me eating a piece of cake on a buffet, at a kid’s party, etc. You will see me throwing down a Blondie at Ruby Tuesday at least once a month with Logan.
Back to school and back to sweet routine.



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