My BEST TOOLS for Food Prep!

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If you want to LOSE WEIGHT and weight loss feel easy then food prep is your ticket. And the video at the end of this blog is me in my kitchen teaching you the tools I LOVE IN MY KITCHEN.

I also have a free video course where I tell you exactly step-by-step what I do each Sunday to have a GOOD on plan week. It goes into more detail and provides you with a workbook and worksheets to dive deeper into food planning.

For years when I weighed 250 pounds I sabotaged myself because I just thought dieting was hard. If you are like me, you go out to eat and everyone is eating burgers. The salad looks like crap.

The drive thru is WAY EASIER than deciding what to cook, making dinner, cleaning the kitchen, and finally going to bed. I can’t tell you how much of McDonald’s is built off my #2 order super sized with a Diet Dr. Pepper.


Here’s a little of what I teach you in my free course:

  1. Plan healthy foods you actually like.
  2. Look at your upcoming week. Plug in meals you can easily eat that taste good based on your schedule. Figure out when you are eating out and write in what you will order.
  3. Review each week and get better instead of giving up.

Enjoy this video and I hope to see you more in my free course.

Resources mentioned in this video!

Food Prep Containers used in video.



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    It’s almost as big as you are!😎⚡️😃

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    The links to the items you used are not working.

  • Theresa says:

    Love this video! I’m from Northern California as well.
    Just curious what city in Northern California your member is in.

    You’re awesome!

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    Hi, I'm Corinne

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