Was My Boob Job Worth It?

People ask me EVERYTHING about fitness. In our private forums we routinely discuss poop, gas, chaffing, why we have a tough time driving by fast-food restaurants, how our kids drive us nuts, why is oatmeal so dang good, and any other odd topic you can imagine.

The most “privately” asked question I get is about my boob jobs. It’s no secret I got them and, let’s be honest, I’m not one to hide them. As my friend Bill always says, “You don’t buy a corvette and keep it in the garage.” True dat!

It’s funny to me how so many women want to talk about their boobs but won’t talk about their boobs. I’m telling you ladies, there’s more of you out there so speak up! As an honest and open girl I decided to blog a FAQ on Breast Implants.

Under or Over the Muscle?

Unless you are YOUNG you will go under the muscle and if they sag now you will need a lift, too. The way my PS described it to me was where your girls sit now is where they sit after implants. Under the muscle helps them stay in place. Over without a lift just means you will have big saggy boobs if you have little saggy ones like I had. Seriously, my left one hung a deflated size A and the right one hung the same except it visited my belly button! My opinion is most women after the age of 25 go with under the muscle and if you breastfed or lost a lot of weight you are getting them lifted.

Saline or Silicone

That’s a choice you and your partner will make. Saline tend to be more round, hard, and have a “Playboy” look. Silicone are softer, hang more, and feel like a natural boob. It’s really just the look you want. I went with Saline. I wasn’t interested in natural.

I had two different surgeries to get to this size which is a 34DD. First time I had so much loose skin to fix that I had implants and a lift to get my girls back at attention. I couldn’t go bigger until things settled, then two years later we replaced those with bigger implants.

Too Big?

I have never heard a single woman say, “OMG I went too big!” I’m sure they are out there but most women I know say, “Had I known I would love them like this I would’ve went bigger!” Your Plastic Surgeon will guide you and know what size you need. My best advice is to buy a bunch of Playboys, cut out pictures of boobs you like, and take with you to your consult. That gives the doc a good visual of the size, shape, placement, and such you want. Nothing is more clear than pictures and most PS’s ask you to BRING PICTURES. It’s like going to get a drastic haircut. You would have pictures so you don’t walk out with some crazy haircut you hate. SAME THING so don’t be embarrassed.

Loss of Sensation

I didn’t lose anything and my nipples have been taken off TWICE. Some people do, but if you have a GOOD plastic surgeon then I don’t think you will have a problem. I haven’t met anyone whose had this issue and I know at least 10 women with fake ones. AT LEAST 10. There are more of us walking around than you think!

Since we are on the topic of nipples, you are likely to have your headlights on high beam the rest of your life. I’m sure (unless you are blind) you see my nips in many, many race photos and training shots. I wear headlight dimmers and mine still shine through. And, yes, they make those for working out because so many instructors have fake ones. Mine shine through the most padded Victoria’s Secret bra. You get used to it.

Pain and Recovery

If you read on the internet forums there seems like loads of people who have problems. No. Some people choose cheap doctors, docs in other countries, or let docs in training work on them to save money. When I’ve researched it most of the people complaining didn’t go to the best doctor…they went to an affordable option.

I’m all about saving money but this is NOT the time to do it. If you can’t afford a good doc then wait. Having plastic surgery of any kind is the last place in the world you should shop for a discount or a coupon. You need to be well-researched on who you pick and what their patients are saying. Most PS’s will give you referral emails and numbers so ask those people. Don’t rely on the internet…even this blog. Rely on what people who have been under the knife say to YOU. Just because my plastic surgeon is awesome (Dr. Wagstrom in Nashville, TN) doesn’t mean your doctor will be if you don’t research!

Now, there are cases where people have issues. I’m not dismissing that at all. I’m just saying it’s so RARE if you go to a good doctor.

Recovery for me was fine. Week one was hard with just getting used to the swelling and being dirty. I couldn’t take a bath for a couple of days and had a couple of drains. That was a pain in the butt. I never really had any pain and I didn’t take pain pills after the first day or two on either surgery. In fact I went walking after the second one that day. I couldn’t drive for a week, reach for things, pick stuff up, etc. I was very stiff but not “hurting”. I was more Frankenstein like and stiff.

Be prepared to use your arms A LOT to move around because you won’t want to flex your chest much. You also will sleep elevated a long time then you won’t be on your stomach for months. Sleeping on your side takes a few weeks.

Week two you will feel like crap. They look funky. They will look like two big squares in your throat and be very shiny because of the oil from stretching skin. I remember crying all week because I looked funky, nothing fit right, and I couldn’t workout. All I could do is walk 20 min. at a slow pace per doctor’s orders. I was insane!

Week three the clouds part and the heavens open! Hallelujah! They sort of drop a little, start getting rounder, and you can do things like drive, walk more and shower without issues. You’ll suddenly be looking for new tops and wishing it was summer!

By week four I was back in the gym and could do anything I wanted. They said if it’s hurts don’t do it. Any pressing down move was strange. It took a few weeks before I would do push downs, push-ups, chest presses, and such. It just felt like they would pop out or something. That does pass! The first couple of runs was crazy, too. That’s a lot of new stuff to juggle. Get a good TIGHT bra.

The Cost

It’s expensive no doubt but you are worth it. My boobs were probably the best gift outside of losing weight I ever gave myself. My husband and I don’t regret a penny we’ve spent on them. Sure it’s money we could spend on Logan but I’m a better mom with my boobs. They gave me MYSELF back. My boobs nourished my child and now they nourish my soul. I’m a better mom when I feel good about myself. It’s very hard to describe but there is NOTHING selfish or wrong with having this done. If someone thinks that then get off my blog and keep it to yourself. I don’t and WON’T hear it. And, for those that this is not for them, that’s cool too! The beauty of our bodies is that we have the right to love them the way we want.

Not sure if there’s anything else I can share but if I left ANYTHING OUT AT ALL, feel free to ask. Seriously, I got no secrets and no shame in sharing something that has brought so much joy in my life.


  • Kristen says:

    This post could not have come at a better time!! I’m getting my boobs done next Thursday and I grow more and more nervous with each day. I, too, know at least 10 people that have gotten theirs done but reading your post made me feel better. I’ve been worried about my recovery and it setting me back in my fitness progress. Having you lay out your experience week by week was just what I needed!!! Thank you!!!!

  • Alli says:

    This is one of my favorite blogs posts you’ve done. I’ve been meaning to ask you about this topic. At my heaviest (June!) I was a 42DD. After nursing 3 kids and gaining/losing repeatedly, losing 68 pounds quickly with more to go, you can imagine what my girls look like (although I’m fairly impressed with their resiliency). This is in my somewhat near future. Thank you.

  • Marissa says:

    “Saline tend to be more round, hard, and have a “Playboy” look. Saline are softer, hang more, and feel like a natural boob. It’s really just the look you want. I went with Saline. I wasn’t interested in natural” Did you intend to say, Silicone tend to be more round, hard? Saline is more natural?
    Thank you so much for your blog. I am trying to lose weight so I can get my boob job in 2 years. Thanks for the info

  • Debbie Novara says:

    Thank you so much for this blog. It helps settle my mind that I will be making the right choice. My mommy guilt is the worse. I think in general I would be a better mom if I threw the guilt out the window. The only clarification I need is, Did you actually got Saline? In the above you accidently typed Saline when describing both.

  • Michele says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. There’s definitely a fallacy that all women get boob jobs for external reasons or because of what others think of them. Like you I got my boobs for me. They definitely helped boost my confidence in myself, and I love when I catch a glance of them in a cute shirt and think Wow my boobs look good 🙂

    • I feel the same. When I made the choice it was because I wanted to see me the way I felt. It has brought a lot of joy and confidence. Heck there are days I workout harder just because I like the shape they give me! LOL Whatever it takes!

  • Tonya says:

    Thanks for the blog! I have talked about getting a boob job for a while now. My last mammogram nearly changed my mind but now that I am strength training and toning up it has been on mind mind a lot now. And since I live in Cullman, AL, Nashville is just right up the road and you gave your Dr. Name so I can check him out. :-).
    A couple questions I have are…… What is like to have a mammogram with the fake ones? And what about scars and/or stretch marks?? I have been very fortunate and never got stretch marks!!
    Thanks for all your comments!

    • I haven’t had my first mam yet. I was just talking to my doc yesterday and he said this is the year and it should be my birthday gift. Well, I’m turning 40 in Las Vegas…that’s the gift! LOL. But that’s when I will find out how it feels. A couple of my friends have said it’s not that bad.

      I’m from Florence BTW originally. How funny. Dr. Wagstrom (she) is really good. Worth the trip for sure.

      My scars faded. I have loads of other scars from other surgeries but those are white and you can’t really see them. You won’t get stretch marks but if you have them in a lift they might be removed in the process. I’ve had stretch marks from being overweight but getting really big boobs didn’t cause any at all.

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