Can Stress Keep Me Fat?

I received this blog and wanted to share. It discusses how your stress level can impact your ability to lose weight.

Dan John asks his clients to rate the stress in their lives with a system of lights:

  • “Red” means, “There is something in my life that demands immediate attention outside of my training.” This can include: deaths, divorce, injuries, newborns, March and April for accountants.
  • “Yellow” means, “I’m coping, but training is not going to be my top priority.” This can include: stressful jobs, relationship trouble, high school kids picking colleges.
  • “Green” means, “I’m good to go and I can make training a high priority for a while.”

Green-light situations are rare, but they are when we can expect the fastest fat loss. Most of us are in Yellow most of the time, and we should manage our expectations accordingly. Weight loss is going to be slow, but it’s still possible.

And every now and then, we slip in to Red. But as any grief counselor will tell you, denial is universal. We’re really good at telling ourselves we’re not in the Red, and I’ve had many clients who could not personally see it without outside eyes. And when you’re in the Red, often it’s your body telling you: You’re always tired. You’re getting sick all the time. Maybe you miss a period or two. These are signs to me that weight loss might be really difficult and, in fact, maintaining weight would be a real victory at this time!

Which light do you “live in” most of the time? One thing I work on is staying in green light zones. Many of us settle for the yellow. I truly believe I have more power over my life than I often admit.

As a weight loss coach, I hear clients tell themselves they are in constant stress. Stress becomes comfortable and if life doesn’t throw them a curve ball, they find one! People will tell me they just can’t win. Every time they are on a healthy eating roll someone messes them up by bringing in doughnuts to work.

I’ll ask, “Did you eat a good breakfast?” They will say, “Well, no, but I didn’t have time and then those doughnuts tripped me up.”

That’s telling yourself a story. You set yourself up for the crap. You can buy apples and a frozen breakfast sandwich to have at work in the amount of time it takes to walk to the break room and have the personal discussion if you should have a doughnut!

If you choose to have power in your life, you will. If you choose to be a victim, you will be a victim. The key is you choose which part in life you play.

In my yoga training this was a key piece to change. We created I AM statements and I feel it in my bones. You truly have the power to change your life.

“My new way of being is supported. I let go the lie that I am too busy and not surrounded by people who are fully capable and love me. This is my new way of being.”

Exercise from Journey Into Power by Baron Baptiste

How do you want to be in life? What stories are you telling yourself to keep you from feeling how you want to feel in life?



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