Congrats to the Memphis St. Jude Runners

What do I love most about being the Queen of PNPTribe?

It is seeing women from all backgrounds and locations come together to chase big dreams. We had another group of members meet up for a race.

They truly made the #PNPTribe proud.

We had three girls run the full marathon! Michelle from Alabama is featured here.


She did a half marathon every month last year this was her second marathon of 2015. Michelle had goals last year and she achieved them! Why? She made them a priority.

The year wasn’t easy for her either. She had her things to overcome and shared them with us in our private forums. It was amazing reading her training and story.

It’s not easy to keep your focus in the face of distraction, but she did. She ran when her husband would ride a bike next to her to keep her safe. The lady battled heat, rain, and hormones. She finished despite a foot that gave her fits. She showed true grit!

Next, I have my dynamic duo from Lebanon, TN. I met Kim while Logan was at St. Edward. She came to my summer bootcamp with the Happy Healthy Holy Ladies and soon joined PNP.

PNP trained her for her first marathon and she’s been to my yearly camps for PNP girls ever since.  She drug Stephanie to camp and now I have both of these beauties inspiring moms daily in our group.

This was Stephanie’s FIRST full marathon! They did great and showed how having an accountability partner can change your life.

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I have Kim and David. They are married and come to my local bootcamps. We’ve been friends for years now. It’s hard to believe how many races and workouts we’ve been through together. This race both of them set PR’s.


Kim and David are good examples of how couples can get healthy together. Kim got the party started and soon David “dared” come to my ladies bootcamp. I love having husbands in our group because most of us do this to live longer…especially with the ones we love the most.

Last, is a special shout out. She is from Peru and trained online with these ladies. She virtually ran with them, too! I watched Jillian do her FIRST HALF MARATHON with nothing but determination and love from our ladies.

Seriously? YES MA’AM! No excuses from this boss lady. She wanted to do it and simply followed along with PNP to do it. I love it and her. She’s a joy to have in our group. Her posts, pictures and smile brighten my day often.

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All of my ladies featured here have lost weight and trained with PNP. But, what I am proud of the most, has nothing to do with those things.

What I love is being a part of their lives. Watching them train. Seeing them take their health to new levels. Not letting age, locations, experience, or jobs stop them. And, that they share all of this with me and my tribe.

My #PNPTribe does great things each and every day. From coming to our board and showing off the doughnut they didn’t eat to PR’ing a race. These faces show us that together we can do anything!

Congrats ladies. It’s an honor to watch you be amazing.

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  • Jillian says:

    Aww! Somehow, this one slipped past. Thank you for the shout-out, Queen. I love you and my ladies, and I’m so proud of myself! <3

  • Emily Young says:

    Congratulations ladies! You all did amazing! It almost makes me want to pick up running again. Almost 😉

  • Mary Jo McDonald says:

    All of you are just an inspiration to me and those around you. Congratulations on your accomplishment and thank you for helping those you don’t even know!

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