Clean Eats…It’s What for Dinner

Now we are at dinner time. Ring the bell because here’s what I eat a lot. Ya’ll know it can be tough for me to cook dinner at night. Often Logan has therapy that runs into dinner hour and when my boy is ready to eat…HE IS READY TO EAT. A lot of what we eat is what I call fast-clean-food.

Let’s start with when I do cook. Now, before you say, “My kid won’t eat that,” MINE does. Why? I don’t offer anything else. Sure he gets to have fun stuff, too, but when we do healthy dinner that’s what we have. When we do “junk” that’s what we have. I don’t make a second dinner and Logan has learned eat what Momma gives you or you don’t eat.

By the looks of his plates he eats what Momma gives him. Score!

  • Salmon, Atlantic Cod, Shrimp – I just grill it or broil it with some Kroger Grilling Time for Seafood.
    • We usually pair these with brown rice, sweet potato, baked potato, fresh salad (light dressing), fresh cut tomatoes, peas, black beans, green beans, or white beans. I typically will have some type of fresh fruit on the plate, too, for Logan.

Normally, I will pick a rice/potato, serve salad or tomatoes, and then choose a bean. Logan loves beans. We do fruit as a dessert.

  • Breakfast for dinner. Anything I put out for breakfast we do.
    • Kashi GoLean Waffles and eggs (egg whites for me), Oatmeal with greek yogurt and fruit mixed, Eggs and peanut butter toast, and protein pancakes and fruit.

Breakfast is a favorite in our house so it is EASY, QUICK and Logan’s favorite meal. I can get good calcium, protein, and fruits in quite easy. If he’s in a great mood I mix in some tomatoes and spinach to the eggs.

  • Big Salad with a protein of choice. That’s mainly just me. I do a salad that has loads of vegetables in it that I make up on Sunday and toss in a variety of protein based on the calories I have left for the day.
    • Grilled chicken, grilled fish leftover from when I cooked, can of tuna mixed with spicy mustard and a little cottage cheese, serving of chic peas with 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, packet of Starkist’s Salmon Creations Chipolte Mango, or two Boca Burgers cooked and diced up to toss on top.

Sometimes I will stick some leftover roasted vegetables on there, too, with some reduced fat feta cheese. That’s tasty.

Stuff I cook that we like…

Easy cook things we like also…

  • Laura’s Lean Hamburger patties on Whole Grain buns with green beans or a salad.
  • Turkey Burger patties with cheese and beans.
  • Macaroni and Cheese (I eat Weight Watchers and the boys eat Easy Mac) and we have it with green beans, tomato slices and a fruit for dessert.
  • Ezekial bread egg sandwich with cheese and tomato served with fruit bowls.
  • Hamburger Helper made with almond milk, no butter, and just use extra water. I also use ground turkey breast and will make a vegetable or salad for the side dish.
  • Egg salad (just mustard, light MW, cumin, celery seed to taste) on Ezekial break toast or Wasa Crackers, raw baby carrots, and fruit and yogurt.

Lots of vegetables I keep cut up are red peppers, zucchini, yellow peppers, and baby carrots. I also roast each week two to three pan-fulls of cut up vegetables (zucchini, squash, broccoli, egg plant,white onion, and anything else that looks good). To roast I mix 2-3 tbsp of EVOO, 4-5 tbsp of Balsamic Vinegar, salt, pepper, oregano, basil, red pepper, stir it up and toss with raw veggies. Throw into the roasting pan on 400 for about 40 min. Delish! I do it all to taste. The amount of stuff I mix together depends on how many vegetables we’re eating.

Hope this helps! Tomorrow is snacks and we’re done with what I eat.


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