Combating Negative Self-Talk at the Gym

We often worry what others will think of us when we go to the gym. Back when I was 250 pounds one of my biggest fears about the gym was, “What will people think of my fat butt?”

I am sure people talked about me or thought about me. Well, I think they did at least. It was something I had to just get over.

One of my PNPCoaching coaches, Jane, was helping a client and she said something so amazing I wanted to share with all of you.

Here is another thing – when you think about what others will be thinking about you – you are actually giving them your own thoughts. You really can’t know what the other person would think, but the “here she goes again” is a reflection of your own thinking about yourself.

The reality is that most people won’t notice because they are too worried about themselves – either into their own workout or thinking what others will think about them.

And some people may notice.

So what?

If you live in a small town, they have probably already noticed. It’s not like weight is magically put on your body by walking in the gym! People are likely to think you are there to exercise – imagine that! Or maybe they will think you are taking care of yourself. Or maybe they won’t think about you at all. The key is what YOU think about you and how you can prioritize yourself despite what anyone else might do or say.

Why give OTHER PEOPLE the power to decide if you can go to the gym or not? Gyms are FULL of people of all shapes and sizes! I actually like going to the gym to see all of the different representative shapes. It’s not all hard bodies – it’s simply bodies of people wanting to take care of themselves. So why allow what you think someone might be thinking to take that away from you?

This is amazing advice. When we get out of our heads it’s so much easier to lose our weight…both mentally and physically.


It’s important to think about how often you deny taking care of yourself based on fears of what others think. I know from losing 100 pounds that the mind chatter will be there. But, just know it’s just a habit. Most of us who are or have been overweight aren’t used to empowering ourselves.

Guess what? Just let the old thoughts hit you and move on. Decide today it’s OK to think those things but it has nothing to do with how you will act. That’s what I do when my brain, after 10 years of weight loss, goes to worrying what others think. I just say, “Not today. You need to do this FOR you.”

I’m all about having my own back. That’s the thing. For years I didn’t. Now I do. I don’t even allow myself to talk about me. You shouldn’t either.


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