Be a Consistent Winner

I know I am not alone here with this line of thinking:

I have a goal of ________________. (lose weight, get faster, cut out junk food, etc.)

I have busted my ass for ______________________ (one day, three days, one week, etc.)

I measure success by _____________________ (weighing in, measuring tape, pants, how I feel, poop changes, etc.)

WTF I am not…

  • 5lbs lighter this week because I cut sugar!
  • Running 3 miles 5 minutes faster because I added a few speed workouts the last two weeks!
  • Fitting in my favorite dress because the last few weeks I made positive changes!

It’s easy for me and many of my clients to “revamp” our life. You know how it goes, you wake up one day and think “Ugh, I really need to get on the stick.” You have spent a few weeks or months letting loose and getting soft. When you dial it back in with journaling, food prepping, consistent training, and giving up the extra treats you have to give it TIME.

I know how bad we all want immediate results from immediate action. TRUST ME. If I skip wine a couple nights I want to wake up feeling lean and mean because a few days of work feels LEAN AND MEAN for an eternity.

But one of the biggest mistakes I see my clients make is expecting too much too soon. I swear they will lose 1lb and say that’s not enough. They will fit into some pants and say but I should be buying new ones. Or, they won’t see any progress other than feeling and sleeping better and get mad that they aren’t losing loads of weight.

People who lose weight successfully for a lifetime don’t go into it with a quick fix mind set, typically. I know a lot of people like me who’ve lost significant weight and one thing we ALWAYS SAY is that we knew when we started that we had to CHANGE OUR LIFE. It was simply time to get off the results, quick fixes, crazy diet wagons, and just learn how to make a new life. We learned how to prepare for all the things that basically made us fat.

That’s blunt but true. When eating out made me fat I had to quit doing that for a bit. I added it in when I knew I could do it without making me fat, unhealthy, and hating myself.

When I couldn’t control myself around ice cream, chips, and more I quit keeping it in the house. I had to be honest with my husband, shed some tears, admit my weaknesses, and yes I was ASHAMED that food had power over me, but I got honest and got control.

And, I had to learn how to prepare for the situations that usually sent me spiraling. I knew I was often busy running around town so I learned to carry a cooler. If I didn’t have food then I would FIND food at some point and usually not stuff that got me in my goal pants. And, the biggie, when stuff didn’t go as planned I quickly learned to quit making excuses that “life always throws me curve balls” and came up with plans for the bull crap that seemed to ALWAYS happen. Like don’t tell me that if you run late 4 out of 7 mornings a week and end up at Mc Donald’s that life is “hectic.” It’s called get off Facebook at night and make you a damn breakfast that’s not a fat bomb for the morning when you are too busy to stop and cook!

If you want success in anything you have to prepare. Weight loss and fitness is no different. Take a look at your life and figure out where you need to prepare more.



  • Emily Young says:

    Transitioning my mindset from instant gratification to slow and steady has been tough. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to restart because I quit after only a couple of days. Thank you for reinforcing how important sticking with it long term is!

  • Joni says:

    Love this! I used to be that girl! The one who wanted the quick fix. Now I am living life happy and doing the workouts I love and eating what I love. I do use events to help me not eat pizza and drink wine all the time. I will enjoy life events at all my weights and clothing sizes. Happiness is finally a state of mind and not a weight on the scale! Thank you Corinne for teaching me this. I am finally getting it!

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