Exactly What I Food Prep For a Busy Week

Can you really make food prep made easy? YES.

Most of you don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen after a MEGA busy week. And, you for sure don’t want to perform elaborate Pinterst gone wild preps when you come home from a trip.

I remember coming home after a vacation and thinking, “I don’t have time to food prep.” WRONG. There are so many wonderful ways to pull together a healthy week. It just takes THINKING about it a hot second.

I was thinking about how I couldn’t do it rather than asking myself how I could do it EASY. That’s a huge difference. One stops your brain from working for you and the other gets your brain figuring out a solution.

This video is GREAT to teach you what you need to know.

Exactly What I Food Prep Video

And, to make things easy, I put together a few links to my favorite things.


Handy Tools
What to Eat Planning Pad Handy way to quickly sketch out your week!
Sleek Meal Prep Containers These are the same containers I use. They keep your fridge looking organized.
Mason Jars Great for making salads and for storing your FRUIT. Food keeps longer in glass storage.


Foods Mentioned In Video
Kodiak Pancakes Quick and easy protein pancakes. Just add water!
Good Bean Chickpeas Variety of flavors. I use the savory for salads and the sweet for toppings on greek yogurt, my shakes, or for snacking!
Sheet Pan Suppers EASY ideas for quick meals if you do want to cook. You can make ahead the meal, freeze and have ready whenever you want. I often will make a “fresh meal one night” and make two extra to freeze and cook later.


  • Sandra says:

    What is the brand of rice you buy at Costco?

  • Regan says:

    Will you be posting any of the recipes? I’d love the one for the chicken and sweet potato spiral prep

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