Corinne’s Weight Loss Food Prep Video Lessons

After high demand and countless requests, I put together a video series of a typical food prep Sunday. Two things I like all my clients to do each week: plan your menu and exercise THEN prepare the food.

Trust me, if you HATE journaling the sure fire way to get out of it is to make one menu a week, prepare all of your food, and then eat it. Don’t deviate. If you do that, you don’t even have to worry about tracking. You already know your calories and have the FREEDOM to focus on your exercise.

My prep session took me about 4 hours. Not every week is my prep that long. This week I had to get together extra stuff like two weeks worth of snack bags for nap time. I also took about an hour break to eat some dinner and spend time with Chris and Logan. Throughout the prep I was able to get some laundry done, flipped through some piled up junk mail, and clean out old email with my laptop. I make use of all my time.

The other great thing about this session is that my total grocery bill was $149.00. Seriously! This covers all of our food, detergent, trash bags, etc. It’s so much cheaper to eat healthy and do your own stuff.

Let’s say you live like this:

  • Three times a week your family eats out for dinner at $25. That’s conservative for most people. We typically spend $30 including tip and drinks.
  • You eat out for lunch each day spending around $5.
  • Two days a week you stop and get coffee with a meal or pastry and spend $4.
  • You eat out of the snack machine or convenience store once a day at $1.

You are up to $113 on the CONSERVATIVE side. Most of you are spending more than that and eating breakfast and snacks more frequently. One of my pet peeves is someone who has “no money” for a gym membership but all kinds of money for the snack machine.

$113! You haven’t fed your kids and husband outside of three dinners! No snacks, no breakfast, no lunches, and four dinners are left. Eating healthy isn’t expensive; it’s a cheap lifestyle but like everything you have to do a little work for it.

For example, I don’t buy much pre-portioned or bagged stuff. I can do it myself pretty fast. It saves a lot of money to buy a box of cereal, some raisins, and peanuts and bag it than to buy the already portioned trail mix. For about $10 I prep 14 bags of snacks. You can’t buy the pre-done stuff at 14 HEARTY bags for $10. Plus, you catch stuff on sale or with a coupon and you are really in business.

My prep day this week included:

  • Cutting up 3 containers of strawberries (on sale)
  • Peeling and bagging Cuties (on sale)
  • Bagging grab bags of baby carrots
  • Boiling 10 eggs (5 for me and 5 for Chris)
  • Crockpot Chicken Breast (on sale and I use low sugar BBQ sauce)
  • Microwaving 10-4oz. servings of Sweet Potatoes and bagged them with 4oz of the BBQ chicken (great snack)
  • Cooked asparagus, squash and zucchini, and bell pepper boats
  • Prepped a large bowl of Cilantro, Red Onion Green Salad and a large container of plain green salad for Chris to take to work
  • 7 Servings of Broccoli, Spinach, Onion Quinoa Salad for lunches
  • Bagged 1/2 cup servings of Fiber One
  • Bagged Logan’s fruits and snacks PLUS cooked his chicken tenders for his lunch for the week
  • Bagged 1 oz servings of almonds

I’m ready to go for the week, Chris has all his food at the office, and Logan’s lunches are done. My mornings will be much easier getting out the door when I just pop bags of goodies into the coolers.

Now for the videos…

Food Prep Part One – yes, I’m rocking to Xanadu in this episode.

Food Prep Part Two

The Outcome – I progressively get more ragged looking. As always I’m keeping it real. No makeup, a hat to cover my tore up hair, and barely tidied up the kitchen.

My typical daily menu this week is:

2 Cuties before morning cardio

M1: ½ cup of oats, 1 hard boiled egg, yogurt, cup of strawberries

M2: 4oz chicken breast, 4oz sweet potato

M3: 1.5 cup Quinoa Salad, ½ serving almonds, mixed veggies

M4: Protein Shake, 4oz sweet potato

M5: 4oz chicken breast, grilled veggies

M6: Big Salad, Salmon, 1 tbsp Cheese

M7: Yogurt Smoothie, frozen fruit, ¼ cup of Fiber One

There you have it. A day in the prep day of Corinne.

  • Krissa says:

    Loved the videos. I cannot imagine prepping foods for more than myself. I am married but he likes to do his own thing—WORKS FOR ME! 🙂
    I love the snack packs you make for your son. And I am addicted to the Kroger Low Carb yogurts. I put 50 calories worth of pineapple into a bowl, add vanilla yogurt, then 80 calories worth of sliced almonds, and some flax seed. Great snack.

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