Day of Rest

Well, I had scheduled to take tomorrow off but my back and chest is sore from Monday’s workout. I decided that my body would be better off with a day off today instead. I have an icredible weekend planned at Fitness Camp so I want to make sure I’m ready to give it my all there rather than grinding out one cardio workout that isn’t going to pay off like some good rest.

With that in mind, I went to the mall to go shopping! I wanted to get some new workout clothes but the selection was horrible. I’ll just have to wear my old stuff this weekend. It’s more about function than fashion anyway. It would just be nice to have some new things. I did find a pair of pants at Old Navy for $7 that I almost bought two months ago. That was a good find. I also got some lotions and soaps at Bath and Body Works that were on sale. Usually I skip that stuff, but lately I’ve been wanting to get a little more feminine. For a few weeks I got into the total Mom Rut…sweats, ponytail, no lotion, etc. I’m sure my husband has been enjoying the new uniform. 🙂

Ok…since I’m resting today I’m also being a tad conservative with the menu. Here’s todays food journal:

B – 2 pcs of WW/LF toast with 1 tbsp of whipped peanut butter and SF jelly, small glass of skim milk
S – SF/FF CD latte (at the mall)
L – LF Black bean and grilled shrimp soup, watermelon
S – FF yogurt and Fiber One
D – Mixed vegetable and bean soup with green salad and vinegrette dressing
S – Warm apple slices and mint decaf tea

Well, my friend Rachel is going to be on the Tyra Banks show today winning the diet diva wars. Gotta go get ready to watch and cheer!


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