Diet Deprivation Doesn’t Work…And Here’s Why

How many times have I said in my diet career (yes, it felt like a job most of the time) that “I don’t want to feel deprived!”

Most of us truly have no idea what it means to be deprived. We just simply want what we want when we want it.

We go through life having zero to few boundaries.

When the day comes a few rules need to be established we are DEPRIVED!

Most of us aren’t deprived a single moment in our eating lives. We are pissed we can’t start each day with a doughnut, though.

For me at 250 pounds, I needed a reality check because I had no clue what NORMAL eating even looked or felt like.


Just so you know, the definitions of deprivation are:

• to take something away from and especially something that is usually considered essential for mental or physical well-being

• suffering a severe and damaging lack of basic material and cultural benefits.

Just saying…my morning doughnut, afternoon cookies, or french fries at dinner were never essential for my well-being or needed for basic functioning in life.

Deprivation. We want to think we are but we aren’t. We not allowing the things that don’t drop weight to put into place the things that advance our health!

Deprivation is simply an emotion you feel when things get uncomfortable.

Most of us will say we are deprived when in reality we are just uncomfortable. The thought of missing out on a drink, piece of cake or girl’s night out appetizer can send us into an emotional spiral. We don’t think about what our future self wants, what the girl who weighs in tomorrow will want, the fact our kids see us talking smack one day about eating healthy and when shit hits the fan it’s time for cookies.

We are completely OK with depriving her results and pride for a moment of mindless eating.

To lose weight you must get to where you aren’t consuming all the things you love and want in excess. For some of you just dialing back all out poor eating can feel like deprivation. That’s why you start slow but you do need to accept this fact:

No one is going to lose weight and feel like they get what they want all the time.

If you need to lose weight you need to examine why you feel deprived. Is it the food? No. It’s a feeling that comes up when you don’t get what you want when you want it.

That’s not deprivation. That’s learning to balance what you want with your goals.

I like to think about a diet like yin and yang. We wouldn’t have feelings of deprivation if we didn’t spend a lot of our time over-indulged.

You sort of have to pay the piper. Sure you can have a little pizza and treats while you lose weight, but you aren’t going to have pizza Monday, cake Tuesday, drinks Wednesday, some candy at the office Thursday then partake in a meal at a wedding you are going to this weekend while hitting date night Friday.

That’s NOT dieting. That’s over-indulgent behavior and delusional LOL.

Delusional: A false belief held despite strong evidence against it; self-deception.

If you are trying to lose weight it is going to take some SACRIFICES. Not deprivation. You will have to say no to things you like today to say YES to the weight loss.

All I’m saying is that when I need to drop a few pounds I can’t live like maintenance Corinne. I don’t need to be deprived or even go there with my mind. I just need to say yes to results and no to a few things that are not in the plan today.

It’s not easy to cut out the extras but it’s not hard either.

Where should you cut?

Go back through your food logs. If you aren’t keeping food logs, well, THIS IS WHY YOU KEEP ACCURATE ONES!

Yes, I am yelling at you. If you would log food as a TOOL to improve and not a “holy shit I ate that and I feel like a turd” log then you would know exactly where to start.

Your logs give you a roadmap to make some changes.

Trust me a food log doesn’t talk. If you think it’s calling you names then you really are DELUSIONAL! LOL. That’s your brain. You have control over it. Tell it to give you answers and not insults.


Don’t allow your self-talk to convince you that if you aren’t having lots of treats then you are deprived on some strict diet.

A strict diet is plain, full of food you don’t like, no condiments, and crazy things that you think I can do UNTIL the WEIGHT COMES OFF. If you don’t think immediately I can eat like this forever with small extras when I hit my goal you are knocking on the wrong door.

Hopefully you will learn how to dial back and not cut out! That’s one way you avoid deprivation and delusion.


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