Do I Need Fasted Cardio?

The fasted cardio debate happens often.

In my 100 pounds overweight days I did cardio when I knew I could and knew I would.

When I did figure shows, I did fasted cardio daily. EVERY day.

The times I train for half marathons and marathons, I mix it up based on how long the run is and what my tummy feels like.

To just maintain a normal, healthy weight with a cute 41 year old curvy body that’s priority is her fitness business…she doesn’t give a crap! I do a ton of workouts at different times. Sometimes fasted and sometimes at 2pm between conference calls.

I truly believe MY AVERAGE READER should do it when you will do it. And, what you like. But move. Move OFTEN and in ways you like.

MOST of us aren’t super lean looking to knock off remaining fat. We are average women who range from healthy, kick ass ladies to amazing women wanting to lose the extra 20-75 pounds.

WE NEED to put together a beautiful blend of workouts that addresses what we love mixed with what we need.

Yes, you need some cardio. Your heart is a muscle. Cardio conditions your heart.

That doesn’t mean it has to be long and boring or super fast and hard. I say pick what you like. Some love a challenging, longer walk each day of 30-60 min. Others like burprees and intense 15-20 min. HIIT routines.

Guess what? They BOTH count and can swim in the same pool.

You also need to do strength training. Doesn’t have to be super heavy or with pink weights. My question is what makes you feel strong and empowered to do it?

And, you need to keep flexibility. Yoga doesn’t have to be mind numbing incense filled chanting or fast with tons of moves that look like human origami.

This article gives you the science about fasted cardio. I just wanted to give you the bottom line!

The thing about exercise is that before it works it has to be done. And it won’t get done if you keep trying to force it down your throat.

Plan your exercise with this thought in mind: what will I enjoy and what will my body thank me for?


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