Do You Have Weight Loss Scars?

Do you have weight loss scars?

I get this question all the time. As someone who lost 100lbs it’s natural to be curious what the after effects are. Lucky for you, I am NOT ashamed to talk about it!

I lost my weight after being obese from the age of 9. It wasn’t until I was 30 when I got off my ass and couch do actually do something about it. That’s a lot of stretched skin!

As I was losing I didn’t lift much weights and I sure wish I had! That’s one thing I am adamant about with my clients – lift your weights! It helps the skin recover and you retain the muscle you have. That muscle is what fills out the skin that got stretched.

I have had weight loss skin removal surgeries and here’s the list:

  • Thigh Lift
  • FULL Tummy Tuck
  • Boobs and Lift
  • Butt Lift
  • Around the World (my term) lift (butt to belly button scar line)
  • Neck Tightening

I also had my eyes lifted a bit but that was more because one drooped so that when my allergies kicked up the eye swelled nearly shut. I don’t really count that as part of weight loss stuff.

All of these were done over the years and when I’m naked I look train tracks. I have a few stretch marks left just where the skin wasn’t cut off. My arms have a few underneath and a little loose skin left, but they’ve been my best asset and I am totally be happy with them.

Here’s a few things I know that can help you.

  • Don’t let what your skin might look like stop you from losing weight. Do it to live a long time. Even with ALL MY LOOSE SKIN I looked better and happier than I ever did at 250lbs. That’s an excuse for not doing the work to learn a better lifestyle.
  • Find a good surgeon if you want to have surgery. This is NOT the time to go with a discount or coupon doctor.
  • As you lose weight learn to LOVE YOUR BODY. The hardest part about losing 100 lbs is not the diet and exercise. That’s so easy compared to being able to feel good in your skin – and skin that may not look the way you dreamed it would.
  • DRINK WATER and SLATHER on coconut oil or lotions daily. I can’t tell you how much being hydrated is key to your skin recovering. It might not make all the difference but I promise when you lose your weight you will want even a 10% improvement.

The biggest tip is loving the skin you are in. My scars are a part of me. I catch people at the pool and such looking at me trying to figure out what the hell happened to me. It’s actually funny. I spend a good amount of time at the adult pools in Vegas through the summer with the scars OUT without shame.

Behind my awesome Michael Kors shades I will catch people pointing and talking. Usually chics. Just by their body language some of them are trying to decide if I’ve had plastic surgery, a major heart event, and more. I laugh because I got people talking!

If it weren’t for all the work I have done on self-acceptance and loving my body and life, I wouldn’t enjoy my life after 100lbs. I also wouldn’t have kept this weight off either. It is KEY to losing weight, keeping it off, and being proud of yourself regardless if you look the way you dreamed or not. Most of you won’t. That’s the truth.

My area of expertise is really helping women with the mind game. Anyone can give you a diet and exercise plan but not many people can tell you the real deal of what weight loss looks like, the mental game that gets played daily and more. I can teach you how to eat and move but I can WALK WITH YOU through the process of losing your MENTAL WEIGHT.

Mental weight is that shit baggage us fat people carry around. Trust me, you lose that weight first and you’ll lose the weight on your ass, too.


  • Valerie says:

    Hi Corrine,
    Can women in their 60’s-70’s achieve the same amount of weight loss as someone in their 40’s?

  • Regs says:

    Hi Corinne,
    I was wondering what your advice would be on dealing with people in your or our lives that don’t care about eating healthier when they should or feel like us, the “health nuts” are to restrictive and need to live more. I have talked to them in the past about losing weight, but it’s always obvious even when I’m not saying anything that they don’t care. I’m kind of worried about them.

    • I actually did another Periscope on this topic. 🙂 Watch this from my Katch account that archives my scopes.

      The other part of this is maybe they don’t care! As much as you might want them to it’s their choice. You don’t like it when they don’t want you to be healthy; they think the same. I have some very unhealthy people in my life. I’d love for them to change but I don’t worry about them because worry only hurts ME and doesn’t CHANGE them. I offer that you continue doing your thing and if they come around great but your job is to take care of you and simply love them…even if they aren’t really loving their health. Trust me, it took me awhile to figure that out and let it be but helps make the relationships better when we all realize we are only control of ourselves. 🙂

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