Do You Need Exercise Accountability?

Losing weight is hard enough, but add onto that trainers like me who actually expect you to go from the couch to exercising on a consistent basis makes some people think we must be smoking dope. I understand it because when I weighed 250lbs exercise sucked. It hurt, I was always sore, I didn’t like making time for it, and for years and years I saw myself find ANY REASON to quit.

I was obese for a long time. From nine until thirty I weighed anywhere from 175lbs to 250lbs. There were times I got my act together for a bit. But, it seemed it never took long for me to…

Get sick – fall off the wagon.
Work late one night – three weeks before I thought about the gym.
Someone “need me” in their moment of crisis – dinner out and bam – why try after a plate of nachos.
My kid not feeling me being away – I’m a mom and he needs me so another couple of months of half-assed efforts.

I finally decided to do something about it and started exercising. Granted, my only accountability seven years ago was crying to my husband in a bad moment “I have to do this.” My life was miserable and I was not a good mom or wife feeling drained, tired, lazy, and bad about myself.

My husband is the kind of man who stepped UP and said, “I will watch Logan (after a long day at work), you NEED this.” This makes me one blessed girl.

I’m not a superwoman but timing just happened to be right for me. For most people it doesn’t work that way. You aren’t strong enough to MAKE YOURSELF do it. Hell, I had years and years I wasn’t strong enough.

Looking at the women I work with now on and the Happy Healthy Holy Ladies at our school, I see all kinds of terrific accountability measures being put in place. I LOVE IT. They have things I didn’t have but was fortunate enough to overcome.

On PNP my private clients really get to know and support each other as “online friends.” We have one challenge group this month called the Five Times a Week Exercisers. They’ve committed to showing up and getting their workouts done. It’s so cute how they decided to start a morning text chain. Each person has a buddy and when you get your text it’s virtural go TIME. They meet back in the forums later to report what they did. I LOVE READING their cheering each other on to fat loss glory!

Friends Doing Contests
I am co-leading a Biggest Loser challenge of nearly 50 women at our school and church. Many are walking their first half-marathon at the end of the contest. Led by me, they rely on each to show up for training and my motivational speech and lesson each week.

When they pass each other in the hall they have lots of eyes and voices keeping them focused on their goals. It’s been a beauitful thing to watch as we progress together to month two. It all started because one teacher, my friend Jennie, cared enough about them to ask me if I could help.

Challenge Groups
Each month I lead Facebook Challenge Groups for Beachbody clients of mine. They all work together, post motivation, and have a coach like me to get them moving and answering their training and nutrition questions.

I also lead small groups of people who have 8-10 friends who all want to lose weight and don’t know where to start. Well, I do, and if you have the friends, I have the time and Beachbody videos  and plans y’all can all use TOGETHER.

And, I think that’s the key in this day and age. There are so many ways to find and get accountability. If you look around and don’t have it in your “real” life you can find it online. But, sometimes it is right in front of your face. The question is are you willing to use it?

Always feel free to post questions or ask me to help you lead your small groups. I’ve got ways. Muwahahahah!!!! We just have to find the one that you can use.



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