I Don’t Look Like a Trainer

I Don’t Look Like a Trainer was a beloved blog of mine from last year.

After reading it not much has changed in my life.

  • I’m still a 7 time Tough Mudder finisher preparing to do her 8th.
  • I still enjoy working out, still running the same speeds, drinking wine, and going to Vegas.
  • I did graduate Life Coach School and Yoga Teacher Training. Two of the biggest accomplishments of my life.

This last year I have struggled with a few things. After a great summer of Vegas and fun, my weight was up more than I like.

As soon a summer ended we moved suddenly. Our son started a new school in August and by Halloween we had sold our beloved house and moved to lessen the commute. Before he started school we weren’t planning to move at all!

The holidays came and here we are. Spring. I handled a lot of the stress and the such with wine. So, just like I coach my clients, I have been working on cleaning up things in my mind and in my pantry!

The good news is that I am feeling good about me. In the past if I didn’t look a certain way or weigh exactly 150 pounds I made it mean I couldn’t help other women. I wasn’t good enough and a fraud.

No. My clients don’t trust me because of how fast I run or how perfect I look. They trust me to walk with them through the journey I know all too well. It’s hard yet rewarding. It’s got ups and downs for sure.

You don’t read this blog or join my PNPTribe based on what I look like. You want me to help you figure out how to feel good on the inside, like me, so you can make those awesome changes on the outside.

So, enjoy this video from the old blog. It’s got a special place in my heart.


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