Don’t Make Excuses If You Want Fatloss

I just received a blog from Seth Godin titled “Not a Gift.”

How many times have you blamed your lack of fatloss on things like the following?

  • I don’t know how to prep.
  • I can’t find time to exercise.
  • I don’t know what to eat.

These are just a few of the excuses we make so we don’t have to TRY, LEARN, RESEARCH, and CHANGE.

Seth discusses in his blog that there are values we respect in other people like our co-workers, friends, and people like me that you read on the internet. Some of the attributes you see in us are things like…

  • Honesty
  • Punctual
  • Curious
  • Proactive
  • Flexible
  • Committed
  • Organized
  • Creative
  • Positive
  • Motivated

These qualities are often the things that take your from struggling to successful. People tell me that I am honest, committed, flexible, and organized with my training and food. You can read my blogs to see this is pretty true. Because I’ve always been raw honest, you KNOW I was NOTHING like this when I was overweight. NOTHING. I was not honest with myself with food logs (when I kept them), committed to exercise (skipping the gym when I didn’t “feel” like it or have time), flexible enough to make the best choices in given situations that were truly out of my control, and organized enough to pull together simple meals I could eat and be healthy.

Seth states:

The thing is, it’s a cop out to call these things gifts. You might be born with a head start in one area or another, you might be raised in a culture or with parents that reinforce some of these things, but these are attitudes, and attitudes can be taught, and they can be learned.

The question, then, is do you care enough to take them on? It’s not fair to say, “I’m not respectful” or “I’m not creative.” It is honest and clear to say, “I choose not to be honest,” or “I don’t want to do the work to be organized.”

We can own these things. What a privilege. 

I had to learn how to do these things. It was hard! Yes, there was a lot of mistakes along the way but I had to understand that what I wanted was fatloss, to feel sexy for the first time ever, and to not feel red-faced every time I had to walk into a room of people wondering if they were thinking “here comes the fat girl.” Yep, that’s honest. I was so sick and tired of being ashamed most of the day and letting my weight absolutely consume me. If the weight was going to consume me then it was going to be because I was working so hard on learning new habits, techniques, thought processes, and anything else it took to change my thinking and behaviors.

Notice I didn’t say change the scale or wear a pant size. I got INSANELY CONSUMED with changing how I thought and acted. That CAN be done.

For example, I am not naturally organized. Just look at my house on a Friday before I clean. I figured out, though, how to get my butt organized with planning my workouts ahead of my busy week and coming up with a PLAN B option on busy days. No excuses…just work. I knew that being organized in THAT area of my life had to get truly important to me.

I promise, the day you quit making excuses is the day you will start learning how to be a new you.


Update on Me:

I’m headed to Vegas today for a quick trip and to run the Vegas Half. Last weekend I was in Disney doing the Wine and Dine. Tell you what, it’s not been easy to train lately due to a sinus infection that has lingered around after I had my wisdom teeth removed. Geesh. This has been brutal. I’m on a THIRD round of antibiotics, some steroids, and other goodies. I think I am FINALLY on the mend. I have a few signals that stuff is clearing up. My goal in Vegas is simple: have a good time and keep in Zone 2 for the first 7-8 miles. No records this week at all. I just want a nice steady pace and after 7-8 miles I would like to kick it up a bit to run my marathon pace until the end. If I’m not feeling it then I will just chug along in Zone 2.

Workouts have been on target. I’m lifting 2-3 times a week and going heavy. Food is OK. Most of the last three weeks chewing has been hard, then when I could finally eat, travelling so much had me throwing together my food prep. When we get back I have a good menu all ready and will do an old school prep. My new double oven is dying to be used! It’s been brutal seeing my new appliances just stare at me as I keep going out of town.

Workout Plan for Next Week:

Sunday – Las Vegas Half
Monday – Off/Travel/Hit store when I get home
Tuesday – Shoulders, Chest, Arms, Yoga Stretch
Wednesday – 45 min. run/Back and Core
Thursday – 2:00 run
Friday – 3:30 hour run/15 min. Yoga Stretch
Saturday – Off and food prep
Sunday – Full Body Heavy Lift

Menu Plan for Next Week:

B – Chicken Thighs, broccoli slaw sauteed with cooked mushrooms, apple or UCan if running
L – Ground turkey with roasted veggies and sweet potato
S – Repeat breakfast
D – Blue Cheese Salad with 3 hard boiled eggs and baked potato or sweet potato with 1/2 tbsp of EVOO
S – Shakeology with pumpkin seeds and banana


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