Don’t Waste Your Holiday Calories

The last few days I’ve been talking about how we can eat smart through the holidays.

You know, the holidays are not a time to go NUTS. They are a time to enjoy yourself in a healthy way. I know many of you will have parties and celebrations but with a little planning, a little fun, and little movement you will make it to New Years without a problem. It’s when you start having a little or a lot of EVERYTHING that comes your way that the problems arise and the hips go wide.

This video covers my talk on what to think about when you see rolls, candy, cakes, pies, and stuffing flying straight at your face.

 Don’t Waste Your Holiday Calories

My favorite top five tips to make it through the holiday dinners:

1. Don’t stand where the food is. If you move to another room others WILL follow. Me next to the food table equals about 200-500 nibble calories EASY.

2. Hold a glass of water in your hand at all times. Free hands can easily reach little snacks.

3. Don’t eat the stupid stuff. Do you really need to eat the M and M’s in the candy dish? We all know this must be the last holiday and time they will be available.

4. ALWAYS eat before you go. I drink a Shakeology. It cures my sweet tooth before walking in, fills me up, has good nutrition, and allows me to navigate the food table without a hungry hyena look in my eye.

5. Carry gum. The SECOND you are done eating your food pop in some gum to keep your mouth busy and away from seconds, thirds, then dessert. Mint is best because it will feel like you brushed your teeth!

What do you do at the family gatherings?

  • Colie says:

    I am loving the videos. So sad I missed it live! Excellent tips. We all get wrapped up in the drama but it’s really just a meal. Make good choices and have a plan. Your words, my new mantra.

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