Eating Shit Doesn’t Solve Your Worries [VIDEO]

Facebook Live: Eating Shit Doesn’t Solve Your Worries

Why eating hasn’t made you feel better and other things about dealing with this shit.



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There are a lot of people currently eating their way through the Coronavirus. Eating your face off will not solve this problem. It does not make you feel better. You’re using it to take your mind off all the thoughts running through your brain.

Now, more than ever, we have to get our mental game right when it comes to our eating. The junk food is just going to stress out your immune system. You need to be at your best.

Imagine yourself in a bubble.  Outside the bubble is everything going on: the Coronavirus, the stock market, the snack machine, elderly parents, etc. None of those things feel bad or stressful. We can’t blame any of the things going on outside the bubble for how we’re feeling.

Our brain creates sentences and stories about the things going on outside the bubble. Sometimes our brain will send us really crappy thoughts that have us spiral and feel like we need to eat.

When a sentence comes in your brain, you start to feel something, and you proceed to react based on that feeling. When you have a feeling you start doing shit or not doing shit, these are called actions.

Your brain loves to know exactly what is going to happen. Right now, our brain doesn’t know exactly what is going to happen, so it is creating worst case scenarios.

Your thoughts, feelings, and actions are inside the bubble with you. They are in your control.  You can control the things inside of the bubble.

Weightloss is your ability to take everything going on around you (outside the bubble) and figure out how to deal with it in a way that doesn’t involve overeating.

If you are “comfort” eating, you need to remember that comfort is a feeling that is generated by a thought. The donut is not comforting you, the thought is. If you want to feel comforted, the best thing you can do is look for the things that are providing you discomfort and decide if those things are real or not. Most of the things you are thinking, probably aren’t real. Once you acknowledge that they aren’t real, you will begin to feel comfort without the donuts.

Brene Brown, who is a shame researcher, has people list everything they are scared of right now. When they are done with the list, she has them go item-by-item and ask “is this real?” and “is this true?” and “is this really true?” Most people realize it’s not really true.

The best way to get through this is to realize that eating well is critical to your health. There is no better time to prove to yourself that you can conquer emotional overeating. You can prove to yourself that at the end of the 8 weeks you can take care of your mental well-being and not rely on food to get through it.

This is the time to lose your mental and physical weight!

Corinne answered a ton of listener questions at the end of the Facebook Live. Please check it out and listen to her amazing answers!

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