You Are Enough

I read this awesome blog this morning by Seth Godin that discusses essentially, “Haters gonna hate.”

It’s not about you

Right in the front row, not four feet from Christian McBride, was every performer’s bête noire. I don’t know why she came to the Blue Note,maybe it was to make her date happy. But she was yawning, checking her watch, looking around the room, fiddling with this and that, doing everything except being engaged in the music.

McBride seemed to be too professional and too experienced to get brought down by her disrespect and disengagement. Here’s what the artist knew: It wasn’t about him, it wasn’t about the music, it wasn’t a response to what he was creating.

Haters gonna hate.

Shun the non-believers.

Do your work, your best work, the work that matters to you. For some people, you can say, “hey, it’s not for you.” That’s okay. If you try to delight the undelightable, you’ve made yourself miserable for no reason.

It’s sort of silly to make yourself miserable, but at least you ought to reserve it for times when you have a good reason.

Very often with my clients they get upset because it seems no one in their life BELIEVES them or is on board supporting them with their new diet and exercise. When you join PNP or hire me, most of the time you are all excited and ready to do work. But after a few days you realize not a damn soul around you gives a toot about what you are eating or doing! That sucks and will suck the wind out of your sails if YOU LET IT.

Tell you what sucks more. Nobody is excited and you also have an ass-hat or two that can’t just be quiet. They say things like, “what diet are you on THIS time?” “Don’t expect me to eat that healthy crap!” Or, may favorite, “Come on. You can get back on your diet tomorrow. Let’s eat out tonight!”

So you are sitting there thinking I have the world against me. Nobody cares and everyone is trying to be a food pusher.

You know what? That’s crap. You are simply performing to an audience who didn’t buy a ticket or listen to your music before today. It’s like bootcamp I host. Queen loves the Lil John and tons of booty popping, grinding goodies. That’s what we listen to. My average client at one bootcamp is in their 50’s and they like 70’s rock. Well, I can either play their music and have a hard time motivating them or play what I love and kick their butt in the workout. They don’t have to like my music for me to give them a good workout. Just like you don’t need the people around you clapping, helping, or cheering you along to put good food in your mouth and move your ass.

Don’t make things harder than they are and don’t put the responsibility on OTHERS to appreciate your lifestyle change. For now, YOU be enough for YOU. You do the work. I’d rather blow up at my husband when he doesn’t notice I’ve lost 20lbs than blow up each time he eats chips in front of me. Choose your battles.

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    What are some good, healthy snacks?

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