Ep. 134 Three Tips for Holiday Weightloss

If you’re used to giving up and stuffing yourself through the holidays how about deciding right now to do it different this year?

Stick with me. 

First, if you’re blaming your lack of control around food on someone else… You’re BS’ing yourself.


Because it’s gonna be hard to stay on track with your food if you keep doing what you’ve been doing.

Ready to SLAY the holidays instead of giving up to only “start over” January 1?

The holidays happen every year and this time WILL BE DIFFERENT. 

Here are my best tips:

Tip 1: Please stop saying “It’s too hard to plan” when you know exactly what will be at that holiday dinner.

Tip 2: Get aware of how many meals we’re REALLY talking about.

Tip 3: Make your decisions ahead of time.

The podcast goes into more detail. 

We’re talking about enjoying our meals without EATING our faces off.

I know you can make decisions without being an asshole to yourself.

I got you.


Show Notes Podcast #134: Three Tips for Holiday Weightloss

Corinne has a private membership site that women can join to work with her privately.  She teaches them how to lose weight using her No B.S. system.  In November, the Tribe will be working though her Handling the Holidays program.  Handling the Holidays helps the Tribe members to get their mindsets dialed in.

Come October, 25% of the year is still left.

Starting in October, it seems to be all things candy and pumpkin.

We’ve decided that the holidays are too hard to lose weight.

November we stress out over seeing family and get anxious.  Then overeat on Thanksgiving.

By December eating ends up being a free-for-all.  People have holiday gatherings and family get toters.  They’re spending money, which can be stressful.

Holidays are a time where we can either use a lot of excuse or we can learn to calm the fuck down and get through them without eating our faces off.

The Tribe not only works on the mindset around food, but also around relationships.  People worry about being around family they haven’t seen in a while and dealing with food pushers.

Corinne can help to teach you to stay focused and to remember that the holidays aren’t an excuse to overeat.  You might be using the holidays as an excuse to give up on your weight and restart in January.

The Tribe will reopen on December 29th, but you don’t have to wait till then to start taking care of yourself.  You can build momentum over the holidays and then join on December 29th ready to continue to rock.

#1 We have to recognize where we’re catastrophizing the holidays to begin with.

If you’re thinking “it’s hard to lose weight during the holidays” your brain will think about all there reasons it’s hard.

“It’s too hard to plan” – You don’t have have to know what your mother is cooking on Thanksgiving to know whether you’re going to overeat or not.

You have to listen to how you’re talking about the holidays first.

You can’t go to a holiday event thinking “I will for sure overeat.”  Is that helpful???  NO!

Make an “I can’t lose weight during the holidays because I think _______” list.  Then ask yourself whether each item is true.  If you say yes, ask yourself if it’s really true.  It likely is not.

You have to get to a point where you realize there might be something else that you can think.

You didn’t overeat because someone offered you chocolate pie.  You overate because you said yes to chocolate pie.  Take ownership.

How are you already blaming your lack of being able to lose weight on someone else?

You’ll lose weight or you won’t lose weight, but it will be on you.

Weightloss is really about taking ownership.

One of the Tribe members was worried about the Jewish holidays because she said they were about eating till you’re disgusted with yourself.  Corinne’s said she is going to assume that God isn’t wanting His people to be glutenous.  You can still eat the food, but eat to a 2.

Christians do the same thing at Christmas.  It should be about celebrating the baby Jesus, not eating a ton of food.

Watch what you’re telling yourself.

Before you can have your “I will’s” you have to know you’re “I can’t’s”

Kathy said it’s like the previous podcast that discussed “I can’t versus I won’t.”  I can’t stop eating at Christmas time is a victim mode way of thinking.  I won’t stop eating at Christmas time put the power back in your hands.  Just own it!

From November 1st to December 31st, I will lose _____ pounds and the holidays will either help me or hose me.

Are you going to be a victim to the holidays or are you going to figure them out?

Write your victim story first (what’s going on in your head). I know I’m going to think these things (desserts).  Of course you’re going to want them, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat all of them.  Better to be honest about what is going on then to bullshit yourself.

If I were to lose ____ pounds during the holidays, this is what I’d have to do _______.

Allow your brain to believe for a moment that something else might be true.

#2 Data

I have a lot of trips, I’m going to be eating out a lot, I have so many dinners to go to.

What is a lot?  Corinne feels like a lot of dinners out is 45, but her clients will say it’s more like 10 dinners.

Corinne said that she’ll have clients that say “My mom always says I’m not good enough.”  Always?  Really?  You’ve never had any other conversations about anything else?  Stop using the word always.  Stop shitting on yourself.

Take out a calendar and write up every meal that you can think of over the holidays that is outside your home or outside of your control.  Count them.  Look at how many days there are between November 1st and December 31st (61) and how many meals you typically eat in a day and compare those numbers.  It shows how many meals are still completely in your control.

On the “out of control” days, you can still make a plan.  “I will have one slice of pie.”  If there’s always been pie at every Thanksgiving meal you’ve gone to, you can likely plan this one.  “I don’t have control, I don’t know what’s happening” is catastrophizing the situation.  For Thanksgiving, you can typically expect turkey, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, pies, and wine.  You don’t have to imagine it too hard.

Years ago, people in the Tribe tried to figure out who had the most events planned during the holidays.  The winner had 9 days where it was all day food fests and she was still able to lose weight.  She didn’t overeat.  She had a little bit of all the things she loved.  She didn’t eat non-special/everyday items.

Don’t just eat because you gave up by thinking it’s too hard.

You can still make reasonable decisions without being an asshole to yourself.

You don’t have to give up on your hopes, dreams, and goals because somebody went to Kroger and bought a bag of rolls.

If you can’t figure out 2 months worth of events, you can at least look at the calendar weekly and figure out where you’re going this week.

#3 You have to make your decisions ahead of time.

What’s important to me and what’s not?

What’s not important to Corinne is anything that was store-bought.  Yes to homemade Mac & Cheese, no to Kraft.

Food earns it’s way in.  Is it worth it or not?

Don’t eat because you’re gone numb and thought there’s no way you can lose weight over the holidays.

What do you want out of the holidays?  What is truly important?  How are you going to deal with anxiety or overwhelm?  How do you want to feel when you’re at events?

If you remember holidays as feeling depressed or anxious in the past, you have to work on yourself before you go into them.  How can I have compassion for myself? How can I be there for myself?

Most people walk into the holidays hoping for better, putting their emotions in someone else’s hands.  Rather than loving themselves, they stuff themselves to avoid emotions.

In December, the Tribe is doing the Gift of Fat Challenge again.

Kathy does a lot of celebrating in December.  Most events are at her house, so she knows what the name is because she created it.  She thinks about which foods she wants on that one day and allows herself to have them and eats to a 2.

Corinne typically goes to someone else’s house, but they might see if Aunt JJ will come over and cook for everyone the year at their house.

Corinne doesn’t think it will be stressful.  Kathy said that it’s because they don’t go into it with fear.  They go in with intention.  Everything they eat will be on purpose.

Shoutout to the September girls!

The Tribe is open December 29th.  As long as you’ve take the free course at www.pnp411.com, you’ll get all sorts of information in your email about the opening.








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