Episode 143. Best of Believing In Yourself

Today I need you to listen to me for 10 minutes


Because I want to talk to you about believing in yourself even when you are…

feeling scared, overwhelmed or doubting you can lose weight.

I get it.

Fifteen years ago I had to believe I could either figure out my weight struggle or keep on feeling like shit about it.

I decided my self-doubt, my fear, and having no f’ing clue how I was going to lose weight WAS NO LONGER A GOOD ENOUGH EXCUSE to miss out on my life.

That’s when EVERYTHING changed for me.

And what about you? Ready to live your life?

If not, these next 10 minutes could be just the spark of motivation you need…right now.

I hope so.

Life is pretty damn amazing when you no longer have to worry about your weight.

Or worry your clothes won’t fit. Or eat by yourself to find some comfort.

Take a listen.

And, when you’re done, check out PNPTribe. I close the doors tomorrow, Saturday, January 4 at 8pm CST. No exceptions.

Stop failing yourself now because you’re scared of what you might fail doing later.

Choose different today.

And, remember, I’ve got a Tribe waiting for you with open arms.

See you inside.


You have to be as passionate about losing weight as you are about the bullshit going on in your life. You need to be more passionate about where you’re going instead of arguing about how hard it is to change.

If you spend a lot of time talking about how hard it is to lose weight, you’ve got it wrong. Spend your time on what you’re going to do to get there and what you’re willing to try. Be passionate about the weightloss process. What are you no longer willing to think and do to lose weight.

You have to change how you think about yourself.

Why are you more worried about what might not happen, instead of focusing on what you could be doing. Don’t miss out on your life because you’re scared to fail. Don’t fail now to prevent future failure.

If you’re interested in working with Corinne, head over to www.pnptribe.com to sign up. Membership is open until January 4th.

How are you going to spend your next 90 days? Are you going to be scared, but still figure it out?

Corinne figured out what she needed to do each day to lose weight, to be healthier, to live happier, and to start living her life.

You need to decide that you could probably do this, I just decided that I actually deserved to do this. Your life is on the line. The life that you want. The life that you’ve dreamed about for years. That life is in the balance. You probably have some life that you sit and dream about. That dream is on the line. If you don’t keep going, you’re risking that dream.

You need to get as passionate about your weightloss as Corinne gets about your weightloss. She wants better for you and you should be just as passionate about wanting better for you. Get past your excuses.

It’s better to go to bed exhausted from convincing yourself all day about who you want to be, then to go to bed each night being who you’ve been.

There’s a difference between the process and the steps of the process. The steps of the process are the negotiations, the learning to stop and start, and learning to let go of judgment.

You’re going to need to overcome feeling bad about yourself to lose weight. You don’t have to overcome being hungry. You need to overcome not liking yourself in the moment and doing it anyways.

We only ever quit for one reason, we decide that we want relief from our own thinking.

Every person that leaves the tribe or quits making a plan or quits 2 to 2, it’s because of who they think of themself as a person.

The best version of you is the one today, the one that’s willing to start changing her conversation with herself. The one that weighs what she weighs today, but is willing to start the journey.

Today is the day when you stop thinking about what’s happened and what you’re afraid of and you start thinking “if I wasn’t afraid, what would I be doing? If I wasn’t doubting myself what would I be doing? What are the small things that I can do each day for myself?”

Head over to www.pnptribe.com to sign up. Membership is open until January 4th!







  • Gail Ferris says:

    I just took your First 60 Days Course and am loving it! I’m committed to going to the gym 2 days a week, leveling up 1% each day and daily meal planning. I’m excited to see how much healthier I’ll be in 60 days. I’ve been listening to Corrinne and Kathy for 2months now and have lost 9 pounds. I feel so supported and motivated! Thank you for everything! I don’t have the money to join the tribe this year as we are expecting our 9th grandchild, but will join next year!

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    Hi, I'm Corinne

    I lost 100 pounds and get what it is like to be overweight and feel defeated. I did a complete mental and physical transformation and now I teach women how to do the EXACT same thing. You can get started today with the free course.