Exercise and Weightloss: Do you really need it? [VIDEO]

My thoughts on exercise and if you need it for weightloss. Plus a sneak peek into my garage gym.



Show Notes:

January 15th Facebook Live: Is Exercise Important to your Weightloss?

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When Corinne was 250 pounds, she had never exercised in her life. She wanted to become someone who moved every day. It was scary because she knew she was going to have to go to a gym and have people look at her.

 Part of what helped her lose her weight was going from someone who worried about what people thought about her to someone who was more concerned about listening to how she was thinking about herself and changing the judgement she had about her.

You have to get past judgement of others and judgement of self in order to lose weight. Corinne used to judge others and think “she’s thin, it’s easy for her.” You don’t know other people’s stories and thinking things like that is not helpful. It doesn’t matter if it’s easy or hard for someone else. Are you making it easy or hard on yourself? That’s what’s important.

Exercise is important, but not for weightloss. Exercise is important because it will give you quality of life as you age.

Check out Corinne’s Facebook Live video because she shows you her home gym!

Do not use “I don’t have a lot of money” as an excuse to not workout. YouTube has tons of workouts for free (check out Fitness Blender).

Corinne often asks for fitness equipment as gifts for Christmas and her birthday. She’s slowly been adding to her home gym for 15 years. She started with a couple sets of weights, a step bench, and some resistance bands. 

Corinne started with 15 minutes of walking every day. She wanted to prove to herself that she could decide to do something and stick with it. She wanted to do something that she could do every day that would help her to feel better.

 Decide if you want to focus on your food first or your exercise. Choose something small that you think you can stick to and start there. Make it reasonable and doable.

The key to weightloss is learning how to commit. We know how to go all in, but we’re not as good about being reasonable about our expectations of ourselves, setting ourselves up for success, and putting that on repeat. When success is on repeat, you’ll lose weight.

There were many times that Corinne didn’t want to go to the gym because she was worried about what people would think or about leaving her husband home with their baby at 8pm at night. That was the type of drama she had to overcome in order to lose weight.

Exercise allowed her to commit and learn that just because she had drama thoughts, it didn’t mean it was true. Just because she was worried that people were looking at her, didn’t meant that she couldn’t also think “one day I’ll be proud of myself.” You are allowed to have competing beliefs. The shitty thoughts don’t necessarily have to go away for you to become a new person. You can show up as the new person and bring those old thoughts with you. Eventually the new, positive thoughts will become louder than those old, negative thoughts.

For Corinne, exercise did not make her lose weight. It was not the calories she burned. It was the first time in her life that she promised herself that she would do something and she followed through, even on the days it sucked. In the moments her brain screamed that she was a failure because she missed a day, she kept showing up. She kept showing up until she really believed in herself.

Exercise gave her friends that she never would have met if she would have stayed in her house worrying about what people thought. If she had kept thinking that she should stay home because no one wants to be friends with the fat girl, she wouldn’t have PNP and changed the lives that she has changed. 

Corinne had to practice being scared and doing it anyway. Now she does things she’s scared of all the time. She created a business. She wrote the © No B.S. Weightloss Course. She does Facebook Lives. She now knows that you don’t necessarily have to know what you’re doing to do amazing things in life.

Corinne started walking and still enjoys walking today. Walking is a gift that she gives herself because it is good for her mentally and physically.

You don’t have to exercise for weightloss, but you should question why you do or do not exercise. 

Figure out what you love and do it. If you love to dance, throw on some music and dance. How do you want to move your body? Movement is a gift you give yourself.

Corinne works out for an hour most days because it is her time. She listens to self-development. She catches up with friends. She Marco Polo’s. That time is connection to self and others and connection to her brain, heart, and soul.

All of Corinne’s workouts came from a place of “I want to see if I can do this” “I want to see what I’m made of” and “this is my time.” She wanted to be someone who moved and she was tired of identifying as someone who can’t do that. She was holding herself back and didn’t want to do that anymore.

Corinne’s best advice for exercise: try some shit. There’s so many options out there. Dancing, Peloton, weightlifting, yoga, walking, etc.

Corinne tries to move every day. Somedays it’s a lighter workout and somedays it’s something tougher.

She’s training for a half marathon right now. She has done nearly 60 half marathons since she started at 250 pounds because she always wanted to be a runner, she wanted to challenge herself, she wanted to become a finisher. She didn’t do them for weightloss. She found something she liked.

She used to do triathlons and found she didn’t love them, so she stopped doing them.

Exercise taught her how to get over shame. It taught her to do something for herself instead of worrying what people were thinking.

Corinne hosts a race for her tribe members each year called “Don’t Stop Believing.” She stays until the very last person finishes. There are no time limits. The tribe members cheer each other on. They get a coach for 16 weeks that helps them with their training. If you’re not in the tribe, check out Jill Angie at “Not Your Average Runner.” She has training programs.

Exercise is about becoming someone you never dreamed you could be before!

Corinne answered questions at the end of her Facebook Live.  Make sure and check them out!







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