Facebook Live: How Realistic Food Plans Help You Lose Weight

Definition of realistic:

Having or showing a sensible and practical idea of what can be achieved or expected.

And you wonder why I beat into everyone that having a REALISTIC FOOD PLAN is everything.

What you decide to put in your mouth is what determines weightloss.


Your realistic plan helps you make a plan that WORKS for YOU and CAN achieve results of weightloss.

Most of you have this asinine idea that your plans have to be CRAZY HARD or they won’t work.

Ummm…how many more CRAZY HARD plans have to NOT work before you realize you might just be wrong on that assumption?

Today’s podcast I dive into the beauty of realistic planning and why you need to get on the SANE TRAIN with me.


Corinne is on a mission to change women’s lives, even beyond weight loss.

She doesn’t just assign a meal plan because they don’t work long-term.

Corinne’s grandmother called her recently (she’s 80 years old) wanting help losing weight.  She told her that we need to lose our weight in a way that we’re going to live with long-term.

If you had to guess, what is the one thing you’re doing that is stopping you from losing weight?

Corinne’s grandma is eating cookies and ice cream every night even though she’s not hungry.  It turns out she’s lonely in the evening and Weight Watcher’s or Jenny Craig won’t fix that.

We all have something that we don’t want to let go of because it’s providing us something emotionally.

If I don’t eat in the evening how am I going to unwind?  Well, you’re not unwound from your anxiety about your weight.  Figure out how to enjoy your evening without turning to food.

Corinne recommends the “How Successful People Think” workbook by John C. Maxwell.  Chapter 4 is about realistic thinking.

When Corinne started losing weight, she had to figure out what she was willing to do and not willing to do and had to stick with what she was willing to do.

She accepted slower weight loss in order to follow a realistic, doable plan

Would I be willing to slow the process down if I knew that I would be able to do it in a way that I’d never have to do it again, that I would actually enjoy what I was doing, and the weight was coming off?

Hope is not a strategy “I hope this diet works”

Corinne loves all things about her lifestyle now: she eats healthy, she moves on a daily basis, it’s habitual.

She was tired of white-knuckling weight loss and wanted to feel better and feel accomplished.  She decided she had to be realistic.

Being realistic helps you to face reality: It allows you to set little goals, to improve a little each day, to do 1% level ups.

You have to like your reason, it has to be fueled by motivation, it can’t be fueled by shame, fear, or desperation.

The reason I’m going to do these small things is that I’m ready, I’m willing, it feels doable, I’m super committed I can do this.

A realistic plan helps to simplify the process.

Tell me why this is so hard? Okay, if we were going to make it easy, what would you be doing?

Make sure you have a useable plan.  A realistic plan is useable. Put something on the plan that you will realistically eat (even sandwiches).

Stop making wishful food plans.

Nobody loses weight wishing.  People lose weight using the tools and the planner.

When you do realistic planning and realistic weight loss, it helps you deal with failure better when it’s realistic.  1.  You don’t have to have as much failure.  2. People making realistic plans understand that if they make a mistake it’s time to look at the process and tweak things.

Most of us sit around daydreaming about losing weight and who we’re going to be, but when you do a realistic plan you visualize about what has to happen today and tomorrow and what’s going on now and what we’ll be able to commit to.

When you visualize yourself following your plan and doing the work, you better like what you’re visualizing because if you don’t that’s why you’re not following your plan.  Don’t create a plan that you see as a chore or a burden.


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