Failure Is Not an Option

Guess what? No matter what you will not fail today in your eating or your exercise? Why? Because one choice isn’t going to do a darn thing to long term outcome of your results.

Think of it this way…you have 21-49 eating opportunities this week. Some of you eat only 3x’s a day and some up to 7. If you mess up one meal that is 20 or 48 other times you can get it right. Same with exercise…you miss a workout? So what! Either rearrange your schedule if you follow a “plan” or just get back to it where you left off.

Most of us are eating and training for life. We aren’t prepping for a show, to win the Olympic Trials, or needing to do a photoshoot. But we sure will worry and act like one mistake has ruined your life long dreams and aspirations.

Shit happens. That’s life. The sooner you figure out how to roll with it and move one the better. Those that choose to let a mistake DEFINE WHO THEY ARE AND WHERE THEY ARE GOING are going nowhere and FAST.

I can promise you that I make a ton of mistakes and I rarely follow a SET schedule. I’ve got a loose plan I start each week with food. I know I want to have chicken and beef so I make those. I don’t measure ANY OF IT. Normally I roast up a bunch of my favorite vegetables and make sure the fridge is stocked with some cooked rice, sweet potatoes, fruit, salad fixings, and what not. There you go. You won’t find in my fridge pre-made meals perfectly measured. If I went to an office I would throw together meals but I would THROW THEM TOGETHER like I do daily.

You know, I am sure my calculations are often off but I’m a believer in that what I put in most of the time is what matters. If I have a goal of losing some weight and it’s not coming off THEN I start tightening up the reigns a bit. ONLY then.

Same with exercise. I know when I’m working out and most days I figure out what I am doing based on what I like doing. If it’s a day I need to do legs, sometimes I hit the gym, other days I throw in a 21-Day Fix Plyo workout and top it off with a some weighted work in the basement. And some days I just feel like running or taking a walk because I know I won’t bring my A-game. The thing is I keep the movement in there and not the strict schedule of I can’t have any fun or flexibility.

Most of us are failing because we are way overthinking things. We aren’t allowing ourselves enough freedom to make this a LIFESTYLE but we are focused on a diet filled with miserable foods and a workout plan that drives us to exhaustion and frustration. If you are doing that the best I can say is good luck. You might be able to  push hard like that most days but the days you fail probably spiral out of control unlike those of us who practice a little grace and understanding.

This week is the kickoff to my fall tightening up. I had a wonderful summer but can’t live like a wild child all year. My goals this week were simple and not drastic.

– Cut out wine Monday through Thursday.

– Date night, family date night, and one evening with a girlfriend.

– Log all my food without judgement or changes. Just log the food.

– 8000-10000 steps a day.

Simple. I’m sure most of my readers could take a week to just change a couple of things and see some results. Really, y’all. Trust that building a lifestyle can be done. If you do then you stand a chance at actually doing it.IMG_5265


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