“I have so far to go”…What to do when you got a lot of weight to lose!

In this Facebook Live I cover what a lot of women with 100lbs to lose think.

“This is going to take forever.”

“I have so far to go.”

I get it ladies! Losing 100lbs taught me what to do to shut that shit down.

I take you through how these thoughts go from white knuckling every decision to slowly sabotaging your efforts. Then, one day, you wake up and wonder why you can’t stick to your diet. It’s a vicious cycle.

But the good news is I also teach you how to change this! Whoop whoop! I told you being on my mailing list was valuable.

I’m taking you from overwhelmed with losing weight to feeling like it’s DOABLE. I know you can do it. Why? You just haven’t been taught yet what to change.


It boils down to three easy steps:

  1. Catch the diet killing thought.
  2. Dismiss and de-power it.
  3. Shift gears.

And the viewers at the end ask questions about how to NOT want “good” food all the time and what do you do when you are overeating at night after being “good” all day.

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  • Shalonda says:

    This was for me … 💯❤️

    • Sara Nyholm says:

      I’m joining the tribe now in October because I need your coaching. I have stinking thinking and I need help to change that. I’ll never be able to lose otherwise. I have even had bariatric surgery and that didn’t help much.

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    Hi, I'm Corinne

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