Corinne's FAVE  Things

Corinne's Coffee

My coffee recipe is simple:

1 tbsp of MCT oil

1 wafer of Cocoa Butter (you can substitute 1 tbsp of heavy whipping cream or coconut milk to get new, fun tastes)

8-16 ounces of HOT coffee or tea (serve what you like)


Corinne's Fave Books

These are the books I read and reference in the podcast "Losing 100lbs with Corinne Crabtree." You can't wrong with any of them.


These are planners I've used and recommend. The custom PNP 60 Day Planner and No BS Weightloss Course Workbook is ONLY for available to private PNPTribe members. Members can view/print/order inside


These are just a few things I take and recommend. Remember to talk to your doctor about anything you choose to take.

For sleep, I take Doc Parsley's Sleep Remedy every night. It helps me not only get drowsy to settle my brain, but it also keeps me asleep. 

Click here to order Sleep Remedy.

I used to wake up at 3am with ideas and needing to "do" things. Sleep Remedy has helped me a lot. 

It also is good for regular bathroom visits, so if you need help there it's going to help. Make sure you start with 1 pill a night and every few days up it until you hit the dosage on the bottle. 

This is an alternative to Sleep Remedy but I don't get the same sleep effect from it. Some people do so I wanted to include it. I used to take it until SM came along!

Favorite Workout Clothes

I love Blessed Bodywear. Click here to visit their store. I've been wearing these tights and more for YEARS. The pants last, y'all. You can't wear them out. And nobody makes clothes that feel better against your skin.

I highly recommend the HIGH WAIST anything. :) 

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