Finding My Religion

One of my star clients and team leaders for our newest Eight Pounds in Eight Weeks Challenge posted this today and it’s too good not to share with the PNP world.

Our (Weight Watcher) leader told us that a man at her Wed. meeting has lost 60 or so pounds and is at the healthiest weight that he’s been at his ENTIRE life. He is starting to exercise and bike and just ran his first 5k with his wife! He was so pumped and just ecstatic at the scale. Another guy told him “Yeah, this will pass. It’s just a phase.” The excited guy said “Nope, not for me.” Mr. Downer said back “Really. I’ve seen people get all excited before. It’ll wear off.” (Great support, huh? This is why I love PnP!) The man replied, “You don’t understand. It’s not going to change-this is my new religion!”

That got me thinking…that’s kind of what this is-a religion. It’s like the people that have been born again or are deeply religious-they want to share it and let others know it’s possible for them. IF you choose to take on a healthy lifestyle and NOT a diet, it becomes a new life-or your new religion. We want to share with our friends who give us compliments how we’ve done it and how they too can do it! Some people are interested and want to know more; others are “Debbie Downer’s” and tell us that it sounds nice for now, but let’s see how long we can keep it up. Looking at it this way-my new religion-gave me the feeling that this is permanent, a done deal, my new life. I think I’m going to use this as my response when people doubt my ability to continue my lifestyle.

I love this! This is exactly how I feel about my lifestyle and the choices I make. I am proud to say…

  • I write out a weekly menu for me AND my family.
  • I use a grocery list at the store and 90% of my cart is perimeter foods.
  • I prep foods on Sunday so that we have no excuses to eat out because I’m too tired to cook.
  • I carry a cooler backpack purse that is pink and CUTE!
  • I plan my week and fix my schedule to make sure workouts are done.
  • I will eat whenever and wherever I want and it’s something I choose versus something someone else “says” I should eat (meaning pressures me into eating crap because they are too lazy to commit to healthy eating) .
  • I don’t overthink my exercise; if I have to I just do something…we all know we just need to move!!!
  • I save money eating clean because I don’t go to the doctor as much as I used to, I don’t impulse buy crap at the store, I don’t eat out, and I don’t waste food because we eat what we buy.
  • I plan half of my vacations a year getting my butt kicked in half marathons and Phat Camps with the girls!!! So does my hubby but he hasn’t found the religion yet. LOL.

If you love your lifestyle I want you to tell me what you do that makes you smile each day and that makes you jump out of bed ready to tackle the treadmill, magic bullet, or whatever healthy thing pleases you!!!

Thanks Angela and I can’t wait to see you Friday!

  • Katrna says:

    Healthy living really is a religion sort of speak! Your body is a “temple” as they say. It feels so good to take care of your body before anything else. I feel better and can do more when I follow my healthy principles. Getting lazy only makes things worse b/c I then eat crap and feel awful.
    Thanks again for your site! It is so inspirational!

  • So glad I found your site! I myself just started pounding the pavenment and eating right this year – and just started blogging using spark people this month. And yes, people can be very unsupportive and very much like “this too shall pass.” It makes me sad… anyway – how I stay positive:
    1. The blog – I plan all of my meals in advance and list them out on the blog so it’s “set in stone.” I do the same with exercise and I just do it! I don’t eat out anymore… if someone wants to meet up to eat out – I suggest another activity. If I have to be somewhere after work (during my usual work out time) I work out at lunch or spread my planned cardio across the next two days. I work it out!
    2. Calorie counting – love spark people
    3. Daily Weigh Ins – some think it’s crazy but I swear by it (and can’t wait to weigh in each day!) Yes, it’s better when it’s going down, but really, it keeps me in check which makes me happy!
    4. Rewards- new shorts or a new shirt – even new socks. It’s nice to treat myself to something related to what i’m doing!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love knowing that I can LIVE my healthy lifestyle. I enjoy all the functions that I did before, maybe more because I don’t regret or dislike myself after I’m done eating crap. I love being an example to others that you can do this and help other people adopt the lifestyle. Because if I share all my tips they don’t have to do through the learning experience that I did.

  • Candace says:

    One thing I really missed in August while travelling every weekend was my weekly planning. Boy, does that half hour on Saturdays pay for itself ten-fold through the week. Also, I get a real kick out of being stopped by complete strangers in the store commenting on how healthy my cart is. Now I need to go find a cute, pink cooler instead of my blue baby coleman. Oh, and stop thinking about exercise.

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