Food Prep Bliss

I ADORE my food prep Sunday. It amazes me how many people don’t take the time or refuse to do it each week. chili bison with rice

If you really want to save time through the week you would do it. You probably have ZERO idea how much time you spend waiting in restaurants, driving through lines, discussing what to eat, cooking up something, standing in front of the open fridge, hating what you ARE choosing that isn’t HEALTHY, and moving slower through life because the foods you do choose keep you drained.

If you want to make GREAT decisions about your food you would prep. Wouldn’t you rather choose once a week what you are eating versus making 35+ decisions a week? I promise people who prep might choose poorly a couple of times a week but someone who has to make five meal decisions a day seven days a week is probably making one or two poor choices a day.

If you want to lose weight you will be prepared. I rarely meet anyone who loses weight that isn’t keeping chopped vegetables, washed and prepped fruits, cooked meats, and other things in their pantry and fridge.

Food preps can be quick and simple or long and lengthy. It depends on your taste, dedication to clean eating, time, and willingness to try recipes.

I have clients who do EASY preps each week. Apples and bananas are the fruit they eat. They eat canned and individual frozen vegetable entrees. They buy rotisserie chickens and portion it out along with buying some deli sliced turkey and cans of tuna. A few oatmeal packets, hard boil some eggs, and yogurts and you have their week. They are busy and just don’t have time for fancy.

Then I have people, like me, who make it all pretty much on Sunday. Mine is still simple but I do a chicken, turkey, and red meat meal. I bake up sweet potatoes, brown rice, and whole wheat pasta for good clean carbs. I cut up lots of fruits and veggies because we eat a lot of raw. I roast some veggies and stir fry some frozen. My prep is typically in my journal or the food prep thread on PNP.

With a new year coming, it’s a good time to start thinking about the habits you want to put in place for 2011. I promise, food prep is one habit you will never regret implementing and it could change your whole fatloss life!

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