Food Prep Help for When It All Goes Wrong

My PNPCoach Kathy (click here for her Success Story) shares about her recent food prep BLOW UP.

What happens when your food prep plans are not what you expected?

I made weekly menu for the family, had my groceries, and raring to go with my food prep!

I have the chicken and vegetables for my casserole all ready.

The stove won’t turn on!  WHAT?  What happened?

I keep pushing buttons!  Nothing.

We pulled out the manual, killed the power, turned it back on…nothing.

Where did my thoughts go next?  Right down the rabbit hole.

I started thinking of all the time and effort wasted – all the food that can’t be prepped – all the things I wouldn’t be able to fix this week without my stove top.

In the mean time, Ken is running around the kitchen fussing and cussing about new appliances, wasted money and more.

Essentially, we were a mess!

Cue self-coaching.  I separated myself from the situation. I went and took a shower!

This allowed me to let my brain go to work on what I COULD do instead of all the crap that a broke stove presented.

I can roast my chicken and vegetables in the oven! I can cook my rice in the microwave! It’s freaking 70 degrees outside – Ken can grill some hot dogs for his lunch and some hamburgers for one of our dinners.  We can cook our fish in the oven and have baked potatoes instead of mashed potatoes.  We can make the random grilled cheese sandwich if we want; we have an electric skillet.

The only thing I couldn’t figure out was the fudge pie – and that’s probably just karma.

I had to turn my “I have a plan” brain off and just get to work.  It was an opportunity to embrace chaos. To embrace change. To embrace thinking on my feet instead of a well planned thought out menu.

I changed my thoughts. I said, “I can figure this out.” That made me feel confident which meant I could start coming up with all the things I COULD do.

When I was all “This blows my plan up, ” I felt mad, frustrated, and hopeless. That don’t cook chicken!

In the past, this little wrinkle would have sent Ken and I straight to the restaurants thinking let’s just eat whatever because we don’t have healthy prepped food. We’d probably sit there talking about how crappy it is to not have a stove.

I did this because of what I learned in PNPCoaching. In the past I would have thrown up my hands, thrown everything in the freezer, and gone out for a hamburger.  Not anymore!

I handled my food prep and got a new stove out of it. One that I can food prep faster on! #thoughtwork


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