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It's possible and I will teach you how in my FREE Losing for Life Video Course! No BS food rules. No starving all week and f-it weekend eating.

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"I took your free course and listen to your podcast. You are so positive and motivating. I've lost 30lbs and feel great." - Andrea

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course really free? What's the catch?

This course is 100% free. Here’s the catch. You gotta actually watch the videos and do what I say in them. You’re going to pay with your time, watching the videos and trying out what I teach.

I have special concerns that make it hard to lose weight. Can you help me?

The 3 simple things I teach you works for all kinds of people, including women in menopause, post-weightloss surgery regainers, moms of young kids, women who travel a lot for business and shift workers.

Can this help me if I have a lot of weight to lose?

Of course. I lost 100lbs using these same principles so I know it’s possible.

What You'll Learn During This Free Training

The best times to eat and not to eat.

Discover the 2 simple questions to ask that puts an end to starvation fasts, endless calorie counting and worrying that you’re “doing it wrong.” I used this method every day and the results are DRAMATIC.

How to eat with confidence.

Discover once and for all what foods are good and what foods are bad for losing your weight for the last damn time. Learn this and you’ll never be wondering “can I eat this” again.

What to do when life gets in the way of weightloss.

Put an end to quitting your “diet” the second things get hard or don’t go as planned. You’ll learn exactly what to do when shit hits the fan so you can keep going instead of running straight to the pantry.

“I stumbled across Corinne while searching for weightloss for women over 50. Since taking the free course I've dropped 15 pounds and am wearing pants that I outgrew 3 years ago.”


- Gloria

"I lost 35 pounds in 3 months using the Losing for Life videos & e-book and I've now exceeded my weightloss goal with Corrine’s free content."


- Tonya

“I did her free program... I planned my meals like Corinne said and week after week the number on the scale went down... sometimes a pound, sometimes 3.”


- Leslie

Is this course for you?

I’ve worked closely with 1000s of women to lose weight, so I know what stands in the way of you losing your weight, too. Do any of these sound familiar?

You spend too much time worrying if you “can eat this”… Is this healthy? Is this fattening? Does this have too many carbs?

You eat when you feel "bad" or because it’s the only time you get to relax, all while knowing you’re blowing your points or calories.

You often need a “break” from your diet (especially on the weekend).

You start and stop diets, wondering if this is even possible to figure out. 

If you can’t figure out why you’re not losing weight, it’s probably because you’ve learned outdated dieting techniques. You need a modern way to lose weight that works.

About Corinne Crabtree

Corinne Crabtree is one of the leading voices in the weightloss industry. She is the host of the top-ranked podcast Losing 100 Pounds with Corinne Crabtree, which has over 40 million downloads around the world. She’s been a featured expert at The Life Coach School and coached 1000’s of women privately in the No BS Weightloss Program.

Corinne is known for her straight talk, southern sass, and occasional profanity. Her personal mission is to teach EVERY woman how to lose weight for good, and feel as amazing as she deserves.