Getting My Mind Right and Tight

Today I shot a video of me getting thoughts out of my head. I talk about…

– quit focusing on the bad things that have happened to define you; focus on the good stuff that has happened – there’s more of that than the bad if you think about it.

– how I am changing my food to feel better.

– some of my own successes when I was fat that helped me see I could LOSE WEIGHT!

– what beans give me gas. Not that it is important but I share it. LOL

These days what’s driving me toward be MY BEST is that I am focused on what I put in my head, my heart, my belly, and my environment.

Head – fill it with positive books, messages, Facebook posts, and words from loved ones.

Heart – self-care, meditate, and prayer/God

Belly – foods that make me feel awesome physically (not just pleasing my tongue and forgetting the rest)

Environment – organizing and putting things in my house (and taking things out) that bring me JOY and PEACE

Enjoy the video!

Links I Mention:

Chalene Johnson: Overcome the Overwhelm

Desire Map

Ultimate Reset (start date Oct 20)

Journey Into Power 


  • Monica K says:

    I so needed this today!! You keep it real and truly inspire me!! Thank you!!

  • Susan says:

    This was awesome! I’m always inspired by how real and honest you are, and I appreciate all the things you give me to think about. Thank you!

  • Staci Loden says:

    Love it:)

  • tracey butler-mills says:

    Love you – can’t wait to hug you.

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