You Gotta Suck Before You Kickass

Everything changed the day that I understood that if I was to become a runner, I would have to run with the body I had.
– John Bingham

This is so true. I was just telling my story in video for my new clients on www.phit-n-phat and one thing I always knew is that this is my body and it is what it is. Perfectly imperfect. I went through years of hating it but I also grew to respect it. I had to respect it way before I could love it and change it.

To this day I hold onto this idea:

I gotta show up each day ready to suck until I can kick some ass. Through the “suck” stage is where I will learn how to be outstanding.

Losing weight was like this. I remember so many races, runs, body pump classes, and spin workouts that I was the fattest, slowest, and most embarrassed woman in the room. I also remember going to the store buying healthy food hoping no one noticed! Seriously! I would buy my healthy foods and think, “I know she is like good luck fat girl! You LOOK like you eat that. LOL.”

Those are things we think and go through when we are fat. To this day I fight the thoughts. I’m now a trainer but I don’t look like one. When someone puts their trust in me I get “worried” they will be like, “she could stand to lose 10lbs.” Just being honest. I’m pretty confident but I have days that I am just as normal, confused, scared, and fretting over lifestyle as I was the day I weighed 250lbs and stepped foot in the gym.

Life is filled with a lot of work to get to where you need to be. It’s been that way with Logan. We’ve gone through years and years of hard work to get where we are today. Just look at what my child wrote for a bio poem. This is the same kid that in kindergarten who didn’t talk all day.

There were days, and still are, where we are so afraid we won’t make our “goal.” He has good days and bad, just like me. He has times when he struggles, throws fits, and is tired, just like me. He has days that it all clicks and he shows up kicking some ass, just like me.

What I try to remember is that every day isn’t supposed to be perfect. If it was then how would I prepare myself to teach clients

  • better things to order at a restaurant?
  • how to get over feeling fat in the gym?
  • what’s a good pair of workout pants that don’t show your ass crack because your thighs rub together?
  • the best place to exercise and not be a spectacle in the gym?

Same with Logan. All these tough, long days of homework, tutoring, therapy and such might be preparing him for the long days of being an executive like his dad or flying around the world to help nature be nature.

We all have to BE where we ARE. Not try to BE where and who we want to be. There’s no shortcuts in life. The long road teaches us how to stay ON THE ROAD.

  • Autumn says:

    OK this is NOT TRUE: ” I’m now a trainer but I don’t look like one.”

    If I were there I’d give you a slap on the arm and then a hug 🙂 And make you say “thank you I’ve been working very hard.”

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