Healthy Food Travel Tips

Continuing with our holiday survival theme, today we are discussing healthy food travel tips. You can view the first video in our series by clicking here.

Snack Girl posted a great blog that goes right along with our theme of healthy food travel tips. In her post, she challenges us to be a Meg Ryan when we are on the road. I do this. Chris teases me because I can’t just order off the menu. I have to tweak dishes. As she states in her blog…

No one blinked when I changed the mighty Egg Mcmuffin and when you say things like “no mayo” or “no cheese”, you can make a dent in the calorie bombs that these places serve.

Yes, you are being finicky like Meg Ryan in “When Harry Met Sally”, but why not give it a go? Add more tomato or lettuce, skip the bacon, cheese, or sour cream.

Healthy Food Travel Tips: On the Road

When I go on the road I pack a cooler and LOAD it with meals, snacks, drinks, and anything I need to keep me out of the junk food bombs along the road. Even when I fly, I bring my own food. Yes, you can pack all kinds of stuff and get it past security. In this video, my clients and I discuss strategies for travelling, packing a cooler, bringing meals and snacks, etc.

Video of Healthy Food Travel Tips

 Healthy Food Travel Tips: Airplanes!

I also have been known to go to Vegas a few times, cough-cough. Yes, we go about six times a year but here’s how I roll and my best healthy food travel tips in Sin City.

  1. I take food. A lot of stuff can go into your checked bag. I bag up Shakeology, bring a Magic Bullet, jar of peanut butter, tuna packs, rice cakes, P90X bars, pre-portioned nuts, dry oats to make oatmeal, apples, etc. My goal is to have a lot of quick, go to options to keep me from starving and stuffing through the trip.
  2. Through security I take even more. One carry-on is a big shoulder cooler. I load it with fresh foods that need ice plus I always bring at least a meal or two for the trip. I’m not paying high dollar for junk snacks in an airport AND I’m not going to starve if we have a flight delay. Forget that! Just pack up your cooler and fill ziploc bags with ice. Before hitting security, dump the ice, keep the bags. Once through security, hit a bar and fill up the bags with ice. They do it ALL THE TIME! EASY!
  3. I carry a bottle to drink water from and a big one. If I don’t bring a bottle it’s because I’m hitting Walgreens to get a gallon jug to lug.

Also, think outside the box. We ask for a medical fridge for the room. Hotels will give you one if they have them. If not, most have employee or breakfast area fridges and will NOT deny you access to store some food. I’ve used them all over the country. Just don’t be afraid to ASK!

Find a local store and get supplies for the room. In Vegas we do a traditional run from the Venetian to Whole Foods which is just under five miles. We get our exercise, we get our groceries, and then we just call a cab to take us back to the hotel with our goodies.

Please post your own healthy food travel tips with us. So many of us get scared of travelling when it can be done in a healthy way if you just get over yourself.

  • Jill says:

    I portion and take Shakeology. Also I take my water bottle it’s 32 oz and an easy way to count my water intake over the course of a day. I also plan a workout. It’s funny I used to think that was silly it was VACATION. But that is the BEST time to workout… and even at my mom’s it’s funny how a 40 minute run doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. I think it gives your ‘host’ a chance to have you out of their way (in a nice way of course)and on a tropical vacation – I don’t know if there’s ANYTHING better than side shuffling with the Caribbean Sea as your backdrop. As an airport tip – when you go thru security with your cooler – have 2 extra zip top baggies. Once thru security – stop at a place with ice and ask to fill your baggies. It keeps your items chilled. I always take 2-4 sandwhiches… fresh veggies and fruit. I buy a coke zero and I’m good to go!

  • Denise says:

    I am going to Florida for Thanksgiving. We tend to eat out a lot while we are on the go and shopping. When I am at home, I know when I will be eating out and can look at a menu ahead of time. I won’t be able to do that and prepare ahead while in Florida. Any suggestions for eating out? I think the key for me is to pack snacks so I don’t get to a restaurant starved and make the wrong choices for me.

  • Helen says:

    Great ideas! Instead of the ice I put in bags of frozen fruit to keep things cold, then when they thaw I am left with fruit and not a liquid. It becomes a great addition to meals or snacks as well!

  • Colie says:

    My parents house isnt a huge landmine for food issues. The problem is sodas. We dont drink sodas at our house. We just dont. My parents have a second fridge filled with sodas and yoohoos. Our kids know that they can have anything they want over there. The sky is the limit. So, I wind up being the food police. Our new plan is a car discussion when we get off the interstate. It takes about twenty minutes to reach their house which is the perfect amount of time to ralk about healthy choices. We discuss all of the crap that is in sodas and why we drink mostly water. We have a one soda rule while at either grandparents’ house. I still monitor and gently remind them, but now they police themselves more and I get to relax and enjoy our visit.

  • Annette Dreifke says:

    Travel this Tday includes time with family in St. Louis. My plan is to get involved in the prepping/cooking of foods for dinner so that I know there will be on plan eats for me. I’ll also take my Shakeology for the weekend, prebagged nuts/snacks, and plenty of fresh fruit for the roadtrip. Saves money on crap when we re-fuel the car in Paducah and potty break. I know my kids will say lighten up mom it’s Thanksgiving…..but I haven’t spent the last 12 months working toward healthy to BLOW it sky high in a 4 day weekend.

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