Helping Others Helps Me

I’m getting ready to do my last long run before Chicago. Today is 10 miles which is funny because it seems so SHORT! In less that two hours I will be done. Nice. I remember when I first started training for half marathons years ago and a 10-miler left me sleeping half the day, sore, and celebrating with a blow-out pancake meal. Now, I am banging it out before some meetings, hitting the store later, and chalking it up to another day.

I went ahead and did my re-weigh today because naturally I chose the first day of my period to weigh-in after six weeks. Awesome timing, right? 149.6 this morning which made me feel so good. I’ve not journaled, ate intuitively, had my wine on the weekends, and lived a lifestyle and I’m right in the middle of the wheelhouse. I like being 148-153 so this is nice to see. Now the scale goes away until November 1! Back to the grind.

This brings me to a thought I had today. A couple of my clients posted today some big changes they’ve made. One has lost nearly 40lbs since Jan., and the other is in a 60-day challenge and wearing pants she couldn’t even button six weeks ago.


Lots of people come to me for help. In fact, I have a high percentage of clients who stay a member of my forums for “life”. I can’t run them away! LOL I don’t want to but they just love our little community, what WE’VE built, and formed relationships.

But, like all trainers I don’t always “fix” everyone. Lots of my clients make great life changes and lots of them take years before it clicks. I have some that it never clicks but they enjoy the idea I instill in my community that you keep trying – you never know when your moment will happen. It took me almost 25 years before I finally got it!

When I get to truly help some people make changes it re-lights my fire for helping others and keeps myself going strong. It’s tough, though, because the ones I can’t seem to change I take personally. I am never upset with them – ever. I remember all the times I just couldn’t get it to “click.” But, I sure feel like a failure at times. One of the things that came with my 100lb weight loss was a feeling of responsibility to save as many other women as I can. I have that “no man left behind” syndrome.

So, on days like today where I get to hear the change, see their lights coming on, I celebrate. It makes me run faster, eat healthier, and sleep better. Thank you to all my clients but especially the ones who share with me their successes…big and small.


Today’s food PLAN – I held strong yesterday and stuck to my plan!

B – 2 scoops of UCan, 1/2 scoop of Greenberry Shakeology, 2 scoops of Energy and Endurance and pumpkin seeds (pre-run meal)
L – (this will be post 10 miler) Apple and yogurt with almonds
S – Roasted vegetables, ground beef and sauteed tomatoes topped with goat cheese
D – Big salad with smoked salmon and blue cheese
S – Shakeology and pumpkin seeds

  • Julie Knudsen says:

    Hi! Just want you to know you are the one who helped me get back on track after having my son. I was beating myself up because I couldn’t just jump right back in. You stress the importance of taking care of your WHOLE self. Sleep, stress etc. Now that he is 10 mths, I’m finally getting sleep, have energy for food prep & back to lifting heavy (yay!!) & cardio. I needed some time to get back to being ME. I really do feel you had a BIG part in me getting to this point again. It is great to have a whole community of POSITIVE women doingthe healthy lifestyle in ways that work for THEM. So, thank you. You are making a difference, even if you don’t always hear it 🙂

    • I’m so glad to hear this Julie. 🙂 I think everyone needs to take care of the whole self but you new mommas REALLY need to. What’s the point in getting in shape if you feel like crap? LOL

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