Holidays Blow Your Diet? What to Do About It!

This holiday season do you want…to resist all the goodies, stay on your diet, and lose about 5lbs?

If Santa would deliver a new ass in a size 8 that would be awesome, too, right?

Heading into the holiday season you are facing a lot of temptations. You have holiday parties with booze galore, your grandmother making all your Thanksgiving favorites and your office filled with popcorn tins and Christmas tree cookies.

Most of us start the holidays thinking, “I have no control. Might as well enjoy myself until January 1.”

That’s EXACTLY how you gain weight over the course of two months. You put your brain to work on how to give up.

The thing is you do have a choice! You do have control.

And, if you know me, I’m going to teach you how to make a PLAN for the holidays so you know you can have a LITTLE cake and lose weight, too.

I remember back in the day when I weighed 250 pounds that the holidays meant I was going to gain 5lbs. The thing I realized is that there aren’t THAT many times where I was having truly special treats.

The error was I gave up completely during the holidays and ate a ton of crap that I can’t remember today.

I have now maintained and lost weight through 14 holiday seasons! I’ve enjoyed my treats each and every year. Seven of those years I spent a week in Las Vegas eating and drinking!

The thing is each of those seasons I made a plan to truly enjoy special foods and to eat healthy the rest of the time. I quit giving up for two months out of every year and planned some reasonable joy instead.

How Do I Do It?

We don’t bring a ton of crap in the house. The “gifts of fat” the vendors at my husband’s office STAYS at his office.

I don’t bring home leftovers at family functions. I enjoy my meal and I leave the food where it was made.

I don’t white knuckle. I decide ahead of time what I will and will not eat at parties and family gatherings.

Once I make a decision to eat…I eat until I am satisfied – not FULL. Once I decide I am not eating…I don’t. I have a rule that once I decide something we (meaning me and me) are done talking about it.

I’m realistic! Most important part. I don’t say I will have one drink when I know damn well I want five. I plan five. I can choose to drink less or drink them all. But I don’t ever lie to myself, negotiate, or sway myself to do something other than what I say I will do.

This week’s video goes into a lot more detail on all of this. I  hope it helps you kick off the holiday season!

If you want more information on how to work with me and lose weight while having holiday celebrations…click here!


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