Honor Your Hunger and Recovery

Finding your balance. By: rosmary

This spoke volumes to me as these days I am trying to listen to my inner athlete rather than a piece of paper all day, every day.

“I actually think being a more balanced person makes a healthier, happier, and thus faster person. The question I try and ask myself when I consider whether or not to train more is what is my body craving and what is my body ready to absorb? Sometimes pushing harder is not the answer. It takes self control, confidence, and intuition to know when to train and when to rest, but when in question error on the side of being over rested.”

Ryan Hall, The Extra 1%, competitor.com

Do you find it EASY to take time off without GUILT or HARD to take time off?

I feel guilty at times because it’s still easy for me to relate taking time off to falling off the wagon like when I was 100lbs overweight. I’m not that girl anymore. I train harder and have good habits but those old thought processes sure die hard.

When I was first losing weight my exercises were more walking. I took daily walks because it was all I could do. Walking DAILY without a day off was fine. It’s what our bodies are meant to do. Heck, I wish I took them now and hope to put a 20-30 minute one each morning once the weather warms up.

Then I moved into more workouts and was afraid to take days off. For years and years a day off represented months of not working out again.

Now, I train crazy hard. To improve, be healthy, and not ache I NEED days off to repair. It’s still hard mentally but it’s important. Part of a healthy lifestyle is knowing how to treat your body.

As a wonderful member of my private online community said to another member, when we HONOR our true hunger (or need for rest in this case) our body will not steer us wrong. The key words are HONOR and TRUE. Honoring is stopping when full and resting when tired. Being true to yourself is keeping a schedule and when you need to eat or you need to get back to the workouts you do it.

Sounds so simple. It is. I am guilty of trying to make it too hard and that’s another habit to examine!


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