How Do I Break a Weightloss Plateau?

I started losing weight because I weighed 250lbs, was 30 years old, and TIRED. Tired of being fat since the age of nine, tired of feeling sad, and tired of not having any energy to play with my kid.

I changed my mind on how I was going to live. I KNEW I had to find a way to be healthy without it feeling like a chore. Somehow I was able to drop all the diet rules and simply START easy. Maybe it was because my brain finally got it that the diet rules didn’t apply to me.

Do those rules REALLY apply to anyone? Probably not! If they did then no one would read my blog because stuff would have worked by now.

So I had to find my own set of rules and they had to be simple. Move daily and for me that was walking. Eat better and for me that was skipping cheese and my burgers and don’t eat ice cream out of the carton.

Those simple changes served me until I hit about 175lbs. I had went from walking to riding a bike, elliptical, light weights, trying classes. My food had gotten healthier along the way because I was trying to eat things I always thought I didn’t like.

But, there I was at 175. Most of my life I bounced between 200-250lbs but when I was “serious” about losing weight I would get to 175lbs and stop losing.

Was I at my natural weight? I wasn’t sure but I just felt like I needed to try something else. For me it was Weight Watchers but that’s not what I am telling people now.

Know What a Plateau Is

What really busted my plateau was learning to look at things from a fresh eye. I started measuring things but really didn’t change much of my food. That was a good thing about Weight Watchers was that I was able to eat foods I liked.

The thing is you gotta know, first, what a plateau really is. That’s not one or two weigh-ins without a loss. That’s your body adjusting and working.

A plateau is about 3-6 weeks of no movement in your inches, your weight, and/or your size. Yes, you do need to be tracking ALL of those or you need to quit complaining. You don’t know what kind of plateau or results you have without data, so get some!

Be Honest

I often have clients do a thought download on “why my weight loss has stalled.”

A thought download (TDL) is 10 minutes of writing about a topic uncensored. You just write and write for TEN minutes even if you write blah, blah, blah. No making it make sense, correcting spelling, or thinking too hard. Mind dump away girl.

The purpose is to empty your head of what’s in it. IN THAT I can find the plateau. Things like:

  • Most of my workouts are hard. MOST means some are not serving any purpose.
  • Most of the time I eat healthy. MOST means what the heck goes on when it ain’t healthy?
  • I try to not overeat. TRY means you either plan to or are doing it. Which is it?
  • My sleep is OK. OK means not optimal for weight loss.
  • I usually drink my water. USUALLY means you take days off from fat loss so you can not drink water.

Then there are other things that pop in there. Most people can do a TDL and I can sniff out what they can focus on in about five minutes. The answers are right in front of them and it’s not that they haven’t cut the right foods out, deprived enough, or suffered enough. LOL

They are not being consistent usually. It’s pretty simple. Most people have small tweaks that they want to blow out of proportion. Why? If’ it’s easy then that means they have to do it. #truthbomb

Get Busy

Now it’s time to do your work! Don’t get to working on it all. Grab a calendar and set a goal to work on one thing a week. Maybe this week you tackle sleep. Next week water. The following week measure some of your food you typically eat that are more calorie dense so you aren’t taking in extra calories.

Notice we didn’t start a new diet, add tons of exercise, or pull the trigger on crazy town!

Do I Need Support

From an article at – The #1 Habit You Should Have to Lose Weight

Finding people to share your journey.

Permanent lifestyle changes happen in relationships. Whether they take place with peers, a coach, family, friends, coworkers, the other anonymous people at the meetings, or the other new recruits who joined the Marine Corps with you, new habits happen when people get together and help each other out.

Finding your own triggers are hard. Seeing other people’s is easy. Remembering to tell yourself, “Great job!” is hard. Remembering to tell other people is easy. Figuring out how to work new foods, new activities, and new steps into your own life is hard. Watching and learning from a whole bunch of other people like you who are trying to get to the same place you are is just so much easier! Even my colleagues, habit experts all, needed each others’ help to figure this problem out.

I call this habit, this all-important, #1 habit, “Creating a community of consistency.” And it can be as big a commitment as hiring a coach, or as simple as telling a friend what you’re doing to lose weight or inviting them to join MyFitnessPal. Whatever you can do to share the load of learning, planning, remembering, and rewarding will be one less thing you have to worry about.

This is how I coach my clients and members of The online community is also so good at helping each other see the easy things to fix. That’s the key: stepping back enough to release all the “emotions” to do your work.

That’s what I do for myself. I’m good at it and it’s why I can help women do the same online. You don’t see me starting crazy diets when my weight creeps up a little. I just get busy getting honest. Then I tackle the easy things and live happily ever after.

Go to for more information on joining my weight loss community.

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