• Nicole says:

    Hi there! Just found your podcast today…literally listening to “How Realistic Plans Help You Lose Weight.” The part about I didn’t need that kinda BULLSHIT. Why I am not doing what I know I have to do…that hit home in a major way. Being overwhelmed…I say it to myself all the time, but there is something about hearing it from someone else who has struggled, who understands, who gets it and who has overcome that struggle. Thanks a bunch!

  • Lisa says:

    Did you have any surgery? Your skin is so tight compared to that marathon photo.

  • Kelly says:

    Found you today. Great podcasts and info. I’ve lost the same 80 plus lbs every 5-7 yrs for the last 30 yrs. it’s exhausting. I topped at 227 yesterday and had to almost strip to secure my seatbelt on a business trip last night. Your statement about being committed to doing ? For the rest of your life hit home. I’m 53 and hope to have another 30 plus years!

  • Jane says:

    OMG! That’s the body I want! 🙂 At my heaviest I was 278 (5’8″) and then I had a Gastric Sleeve done 18 months ago. My current weight is 247 :(. I’m very excited to jump into your program – I NEED this program. I NEED to lose this weight. Thank you for your inspiration, sharing your story and your pictures of “then and now” – this gives me hope that I too can do this. Thank you for making this affordable! I have no excuse and cannot afford to not do this program – it’s FREE! Feeling thankful and blessed!

  • M. Mota says:

    WOW……simply amazing!!! What an accomplishment!!!

  • Vivian Baker says:

    I think you look great! Congratulations! I have 20 pounds to lose–I weigh 150. And I have tried to lose the same 20 pounds all my life! I wonder if it can be done because the only time I have done it was when I was sick and couldn’t eat. I am older and a weight loss would help my heart health and osteoarthritis problems so much.