How to Exercise When You’ve Lost Your Routine

It was a busy weekend here because we are looking for a new house! Yep, we are moving.

This could be a stressful time and one that throws me “out of routine.” I am choosing to not let this happen.

Routines are great but life is just not perfect. It would be awesome if you could predict your days and things go smoothly. Last week alone…

  • Chris was rear ended.
  • I spent the day with my mom in the ER.
  • I looked at three houses, three different days, taking about three hours a day.
  • I flew home from Vegas so spent a day travelling.

Guess what? I missed one workout. ONE. Not because I’m super woman. Not because I have my own equipment and belong to a gym. It’s because exercise is a priority in my life. The reason it’s a priority is because too many days of my life I sat around feeling like shit and exhausted.

This girl didn’t exercise and was hella more tired than me today.


Exercise doesn’t exhaust me like eating crap and weighing 250lbs did. I remember spending so many days barely making it to the next one. It wasn’t until I ADDED movement to my life did my life perk up.

Yes, it was HARD in the beginning but it sure didn’t take long to go from thinking, “I need to do this to save my life,” to thinking, “I love doing this. What took me so damn long?”

I challenged my clients the other day to figure out what they need to minimally do every day to live better. So many of you get hung up with the idea life has to be perfect to take care of yourself. The first time the week gets wonky you get munchy…and on the couch.

It’s like starting exercise, or making a better food choice, spurs thoughts of, “This isn’t good enough. This isn’t perfect. This will probably be hard.”

Y’all are going to have to get over this.

Seriously. I know it’s hard when you are fat. That fat girl thinking you have thought all your life will kick in.

Why? It’s just a habit. That’s all. You’ll come up with bull shit reasons to not exercise, that you’ve lost motivation, etc. Again, habit thinking.

What’s the good news? If you can learn to think like doo-doo you can learn to think better! It’s what I teach in my online community and my clients.

Thoughts are just that; things that pop into your head. You can give them steam by believing them. You can give them power by shaming yourself.

Or, you CAN just know they are normal and can’t stop or hurt you until you decided to give them power. You CAN just as easily say, “let’s think something else.” 

For instance, on days you think, “I’m tired and too lazy to workout.” You can also say, “I’m tired so what can I do to improve my health?” LEARN TO MEET YOURSELF WHERE YOU ARE INSTEAD OF SHAMING YOURSELF INTO DOING NOTHING.

That, my friends, is one of the biggest changes I see with my clients. When they get that…that simple statement of meeting yourself where you are…they suddenly find themselves saying, “I don’t know what I did but one day I woke up and it all seemed so much easier.”

They changed how they thought. They didn’t stop the negative talk; they just changed conversation.


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