I Am Healthy – Not Thin, Skinny, or Little

My mom brought over a bunch of old pictures of me and it really told the story of my life. Most pictures I have not seen in years. Logan looked at them and said, “Momma, are you glad you are healthy now?”




I don’t know what I love better: the fact I am healthy or the fact he didn’t ask me if I was happy being thin. I’m certain it’s the fact I am healthy because what’s the point of losing weight at any cost, being thin, but feeling like crap. NO POINT AT ALL. I love that he thinks of the way we live as a healthy. In my house we NEVER refer to my past as being “fat”. I had plenty of people tell me I was fat as a child. It shamed me and only made things worse even when they were just trying to help me.

Maybe if they had talked to me about my health like I have with Logan it would be something I wanted to work toward? Who knows but for Logan it’s so much easier for him to choose healthier options because in his mind that’s how you feel good. It’s just like all the stuff I teach my PNP clients…don’t get caught up in the negative side of your thinking. Constant shaming of yourself that shouldn’t do this, you are too lazy, you are weak, etc., just leads to more of it.

You have to train your brain to think ahead. Think of the woman you WANT to be. ACT like that person.

If you want to lose weight to feel sexy – dress nice NOW. Sexy doesn’t wear tattered clothes two sizes to big.

If you want to lose weight to be healthy – stop obsessing over what you CAN’T eat and start making lists of all the foods you CAN eat to feel better. Then just eat a lot of that until you learn to like other things.

If you want be athletic like I did – sign up for a race. Do YOUR best and realize there are more people in this world ready to CHEER you on than knock you down. I’ve yet to go to a race, even the ones I placed DEAD LAST and the finish line was tore down, where someone said, “You really don’t belong here.” I’ve always had people say way to go!

Changing your weight is a lot about changing your internal messaging. I challenge you to comment below with one statement you have already said today that was NEGATIVE or OBSESSIVE about your weight loss effort. Then, try to rephrase it. If you can’t I will help you, but go ahead. Get it out. We ALL do it.


I lifted shoulders today and will get in 10,000 steps (2 miles will be a jog).

Food for Today:
B – 1 cup of white rice, yogurt, pumpkin seeds and an apple
L – Sweet Potato, ground turkey
S – 1/2 scoop of Greenberry Shakeology with 1/2 banana made ice cream thick and poured over white rice to make like a pudding
D – GF grilled goat cheese sandwich, GF pretzels and roasted green beans
S – Chocolate Shakeology with sweet potato

I’m packing my food for the trip so I don’t jack my stomach. I’m pretty much eating this stuff except Shakeology for breakfast tomorrow because I don’t want to bring a blender and I’ll have UCan… a lot of it through the race. It all can travel easy.

  • Emily Young says:

    I really love this post! What a great example you are being for Logan! Great job mom 🙂

  • Colie says:

    I was trying on my middle half shirt today. It fit, but was more snug than I would leave the house in. My husband kept telling me how great it looked and that I should wear it today and I kept thinking how much better it would look 10 pounds from now. What I should have done was thank him and own how much better I look and feel. I spend a lot of time thinking about where I want to be instead of appreciating where I am now. More yay for today and less waiting for tomorrow.

  • Maggie Reimer says:

    Love this so very much.

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